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  1. And another. I'll take £480 if anyone's interested.
  2. Section 161 (2) Highways Act 1980 "It is an offence without lawful authority or excuse, to discharge any firearm within 50 feet of the centre of a highway if a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered" Could fit the bill if its a public footpath?
  3. As I've decided to give up shooting, I'm selling my Lincoln. Its only had about 1000 rounds through and is pretty much immaculate. Its 3" magnum proofed with 28" barrels. The gun will come boxed in the original box with a canvas gunslip, new trigger lock and 5 multichokes in a new choke pouch. I'll throw in some cartridges too. I've got more photos if anyone wants a look. Pick up from Shrewsbury, Shropshire. SGC holders only. £550 for quick sale.
  4. whats a flat pack mole trap? ive herd of scissor traps and half barrel? Flat Pack are the makers. They're half barrels. Been used a few times but still in excellent working condition.
  5. I've got 100 Flat Pack mole traps for sale. All are less than a year old and in excellent condition. £2 each. Prefer to sell as a job lot. Collection only from Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
  6. I'm having a bit of a clear out at home and have these for sale. All in very good condition and second class postage included. Payment by Paypal if anyone is interested. £10 - Professional Gundog Training - Joe Irving Hounds of the World - David Alderton Pointers and Setters - Derry Argue £8 - Goose Shooting - Alasdair Mitchell £6 - Training the Pointer Retriever Gundog - Michael Brander Retriever Pups, the formative first year - Bill Tarrant (American book) Gundog Training - Keith Erlandson (no dust jacket but otherwise in good condition) The Specialist G
  7. I'm in Pulverbatch, just outside Shrewsbury. Heres a bigger pic. I'll post the billhooks at cost if required but the axes would be collect only.
  8. Over the years I've acquired a fair old collection of axes and billhooks and I've decided to have a clearout. Some are older than others and have a few battle scars but all are in good usable condition and hold a nice sharp edge. They don't make steel like this anymore. These are all much better quality than the standard Bulldog/Spear&Jackson fare. I'd prefer collection from Shropshire. Left to right in pic 1. Scandinavian style axe. 4lbs. Stamped "MJ" on axehead. 28" handle £20 2. Gilpins Canadian pattern felling axe. 6lbs. 32" handle £40 3. Morris of Dunsford Yorkshire billhoo
  9. Saw something very similar years ago only it was the Dudley earthquake
  10. Shrophunter


    self-employed molecatcher but often wish I could get something with more regular hours and better pay. I've done some private investigation/surveillance courses and am trying to get into that line of work but after 5 months of trying its still no joy.
  11. Rolfe I am a professional molecatcher so I did agree the price which was fair given the circs and I did make him pay the full amount. What annoyed me was the complaining afterwards when he knew the price in advance and agreed to have the work done then tried to tell ME what he was going to pay if it happened again. Not a major problem as I got my money and won't be going back but its just the attitude of these types of people that winds me up.
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