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  1. bsasuperten

    7ltr bottle fill £3

    found the dive shop jimmy was right £3 a fill happy days bsasuperten
  2. bsasuperten

    7ltr bottle fill £3

    got the addy will look on friday for it many thanks jimmy bsasuperten
  3. bsasuperten

    7ltr bottle fill £3

    what a man just as i need mine filled old reliable mac thanks for this info your a gem bsasuperten bedlington
  4. bsasuperten

    Superten Reseal

    reseal all done but you need a reg guage otherwise you could be on all day putting shims in shims out not hard to do as some would have you believe so another ticked off the list with citreon suspension building a computer etc bsasuperten
  5. bsasuperten

    Bipod Height

    ok lads i like to travell light looks like i'll get myself a forked stick it'll save the gun looking in the nettles for the crawlers thanks bsasuperten
  6. bsasuperten

    Bipod Height

    what size do i need for hunting lads bsasuperten
  7. bsasuperten

    Superten Reseal

    he does but it's 4 years since it was done bsasuperten
  8. morning lads looks like i need to reseal the superten is there much to it i sent it away to rt on bsog the last time but a bit stretched for funds at the moment any experts on here to give me a few pointers thanks bsasuperten
  9. bsasuperten

    Spa Pr900W Transfer Port

    sorry lads can't do pic's dont know how to bsasuperten
  10. bsasuperten

    Spa Pr900W Transfer Port

    all sorted now transfer port drilled to 1.7 mm chamfered with 45 countersink and running at 11.47 with 8.4 jsb exacts tried it out last night on my perm was quite supprized at how accurate it was probably 40 good shots nice and light so at £200 i think it's a bit of a bargain bsasuperten
  11. morning lads just purchased this chinese pcp i know it's not in hw 100 league but at the price i could buy 4 of them to 1 hw 100 so shipped fron europe arrived had a test fire loud stripped it it had the larger transfer port fitted 3.2mm as high power not the uk spec 1.4mm 12ft lbs joby so is there any advantage in chamfering the transfer port from air reciever side towards the barrel inlet just to aid the airflow the same amount of air is released every shot so depending on hole size the power is vaiable but the same number of shots per fill is constant but the air is strangled with the littler hole in anybody got thoughts on this bsasuperten
  12. bsasuperten

    Hunting With Classic Air Rifles

    i mark these were and still are quality rifles were right up there in their day proper shooting and we were all a lot younger in those days then we went soft and got pcp's no recoil and no soul just machines i,ve just bought an oringinal 45 in.177 a gun i tuned about 20 odd years ago still shoots great 11.3 ft lbs and is a hunk of a gun really enjoy your write ups thanks bsasuperten
  13. andy have a look on the internet i bought a couple a few years ago and sorted them no bother have a read watch youtube it's not hard by the way mine were benjamins just the same really bsasuperten
  14. can any of you tell me which one to buy it has an ox in at the moment i know they are rubished now but 20 year ago they were supposedly the bees nees the gun is an original 45 in .177 cal having not had a springer for a while but the felt recoil i want to quiet down as much as possible or have i gone soft using pcp's and pump up guns thanks bsasuperten
  15. thanks rez i have seen this schematic but failed to see it had both seal numbers 16-6090 is the seal that goes under the valve and screws to the bottle 16-6224 is the seal that seals the buddy bottle to the gun thanks again i just needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at the problem bsasuperten