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  1. bsasuperten

    Spare bit...

    rez I,ve just fettled a 97 for a mate was only doing 8 1/2 ft lbs never seen a gun with this much fluff grit in all my life anyway cleaned it all up lubed it put it back together found the little nut you lost didn't know where it fitted put the action back in the stock rear of trigger screw was just dropping out took the action off the stock and looked where the screw screwed into that's where it fits not the best design in the world but I now know where it fits nut size is 3mm thread get them anywhere bsasuperten
  2. bsasuperten

    They did not stand a chance

    nice shooting jimmy i think we're suposed to be pest controllers not rabbit conservation not going to have our perms long if we take micky's advice best keep what we are shooting to ourselves i think it backfired with mr packham and his lot to much information on here for the anti's bsasuperten
  3. bsasuperten

    air pumps

    are they any good any on the site got one are they loud bsasuperten
  4. bsasuperten

    air pumps

    anyone tried one of these ebay pumps are the any good couldn't take long to charge a gun surely look cheap @ £150 especialy if you live in the sticks any opinions lads bsasuperten
  5. bsasuperten

    gun box

    sorted lads now where to hide the keys bsasuperten
  6. bsasuperten

    gun box

    gun box has two locks so I put 1 of each key on the keyring locks are 2 ft apart so that's not going to work is it unless I put them on a chain seems a bit of a faff bsasuperten
  7. bsasuperten

    gun box

    am i right in thinking that you can only remove the keys when its locked bsasuperten
  8. bsasuperten


    sell you mean swap up here swap a rabbit for golf balls pigeons for pheasants etc you get the drift who needs cash bsasuperten
  9. bsasuperten


    so shooting back on by the looks of it zbrioa kozak get ready for work bsasuperten
  10. bsasuperten


    good shooting jimmy nice productive night bsasuperten
  11. case is all yours philpot


    1. philpot


      Thank you matey, very nice of you.




  12. bsasuperten

    well thats the first step

    go on them i'll take the box off you jimmy bsasuperten
  13. bsasuperten


    usual they don't know what they are doing I think cla'basc and the other field sports people were caught napping we are not organised enough to sort packam and his cronies with there media savy climbing all over us it's peek time now for control bsasuperten
  14. bsasuperten

    whippet x poodle

    ok lads stop laughing had whippet x bedlington but i think they have poor coats bedlington not quick enough by itself so has anyone ever worked the above cross probably called a designer dog now but the poodle is 2nd to the collie for brains lets have your thoughts bsasuperten
  15. bsasuperten

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    yes it's gone quiet what's happening are we due an update on things today as suggested on friday it's not very clear how we proceed forward i thought this would be sorted long ago CLA surely have a bit more clout on this fiassco bsasuperten