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  1. bsasuperten


    sell you mean swap up here swap a rabbit for golf balls pigeons for pheasants etc you get the drift who needs cash bsasuperten
  2. bsasuperten


    so shooting back on by the looks of it zbrioa kozak get ready for work bsasuperten
  3. bsasuperten


    good shooting jimmy nice productive night bsasuperten
  4. case is all yours philpot


    1. philpot


      Thank you matey, very nice of you.




  5. bsasuperten

    well thats the first step

    go on them i'll take the box off you jimmy bsasuperten
  6. bsasuperten


    usual they don't know what they are doing I think cla'basc and the other field sports people were caught napping we are not organised enough to sort packam and his cronies with there media savy climbing all over us it's peek time now for control bsasuperten
  7. bsasuperten

    whippet x poodle

    ok lads stop laughing had whippet x bedlington but i think they have poor coats bedlington not quick enough by itself so has anyone ever worked the above cross probably called a designer dog now but the poodle is 2nd to the collie for brains lets have your thoughts bsasuperten
  8. bsasuperten

    DEFRA Consultation - General Licences

    yes it's gone quiet what's happening are we due an update on things today as suggested on friday it's not very clear how we proceed forward i thought this would be sorted long ago CLA surely have a bit more clout on this fiassco bsasuperten
  9. bsasuperten

    Anyone know what this is

    viz knows his stuff misspent youth in Ashington first of the real gun look alikes bsasuperten
  10. bsasuperten

    Finished at last

    it is a nice bit of wood I bet jimmy would love to get his hands on it bsasuperten
  11. bsasuperten

    Finished at last

    lovely bit of wood the chair could do with a coat of paint mind bsasuperten
  12. bsasuperten

    zbroia kozak .177

    been out today no dead animals but killed a lot of trees zero'd at 27 yds next tree target is 53 yds only 1/2 a mildot needed to hit was a little bit breasey so aim 1" to the right spot on I've fired 120 shots with 220 bar to 150 bar so would presume shot count close on 200 shots so no worries on running out of air only need a bit of game to shoot but enjoyed my walk out bsasuperten
  13. bsasuperten

    zbroia kozak .177

    evening lads I stayed behind at work to have a few shots with the kozak it's .177 took me 1/2 dozen shots to sight it in I've only got 19 yds so started to fire at the targets this is easly the best gun I've ever had I had drawn around the inside of a 8mm washer hole must have been 6mm and I was putting the pellet in the middle one after the other in total I fired 48 shots what a gun I got the larger one 450 x 220mm barrel length this is the man who could have a tin of pellets 2/3 years I think I need to buy more jsb exacts in 4.52 can't wait now for the better weather looks like the others are on there way bsasuperten
  14. bsasuperten

    Sharp innova

    one on freeads now abit steep £300 but has adapter and silencer fitted bsasuperten
  15. bsasuperten

    Sharp innova

    freeads airgun forums try google been a lot made over the years still good guns out there the old adadge comes to mind right place at the right time bsasuperten