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  1. f**k up fatboy it took them under nine months to get jab up an running,f**k away off way your shite
  2. Yes wilf I'm.im the hercules bar In belfast myself if you wany to join I'd say at leat 6000 at the protest
  3. I'm in Belfast on my own today if you want to sort it out,come on ahead
  4. If memory serves me right you also smoke it or smoked it you weak lying fecker. Il be in Belfast shortly on my own,do you still live in ireland or have you fleed you weakling,come see if youl be still calling ten year olds pathetic you waster of a man
  5. Big difference in sitting in your house behind a computer,I was in covid Central all around the North of ireland,entering banks an fire stations etc keeping them 'free' of covid,aye you done your bit,bravo
  6. I worked through the whole thing you big dosser,I kept banks an fire stations open through covid 'decontamination' I was in the thick of it. I'm heading to Belfast shortly to protest for our freedom Toodle ooh
  7. Charts this will be my last post for a while because the weakness been shown on here now is sickening my shite. I can't listen to weak fools of men any longer,if you think the goverment are dammed if they do sn dammed if they don't that's upto you. The thing that's heard most is we have to do it to save nhs,all the beds taken up blah blah Then the gov had nightingale hospitals?why are they taken down? Not needed. Why hasn't gov invested I more beds for icu there not a brain between the other of them,I think it's more sinister Over an out
  8. Yes just crying on here,put your mask on your child an get back into your house there's a good boy
  9. Just put on your mask an comply with the trustable peaceful gov mate,we have to flatten the curve,just for two weeks,naw two years now,save our grannys
  10. Just you keep doing what your told by your trustable goverment,all is good
  11. Another jumped up wanker,who thinks that's comedy,wonder much he's been paid to say this?tell him to wear the mask 7 hours a day,total wanker. The docile obedient folk on here who lap up goverment overreach are weak men,your forefathers would be spinning in there graves, shameful
  12. Youl soon realise wilf when we're still lockdown next year,456 booster on the way,line up an get your shot. You only have to look at austraila now,severe lockdown,foreign police inside austraila?aus army coming to your house to force test you,an take you away if your positive to a covid camp,an even if your negative,but had close contact your taken away. Aye no harm in that eh wilf,well listen to these aboriginals just the other day,begging the world for help,but naw just put your masks on an shut up. Go to 55 sec into vid to see it coming here See what you think
  13. That two things you've said tonight about children that doesn't sit right with me your a wrongun
  14. Does it not naw,well he's exempt now that should give you a clue,it's f**k all to do with conspiracys,primary school children shouldn't be forced to wear a mask or else,you might think thsts acceptable but many don't.
  15. I don't give two fucks whst the kids have,they've hundreds of viruses at anyone time floating about them. An just cause I got my son excempt doesn't mean I won't stick up for the rest.
  16. I hope not chid lol Iv wore a snood from the start an even tho its loose its a c**t of a thing to wear when working,I found it hard to breath when inside banks an fire stations,outside wasn't so bad.
  17. My sons exempt that got sorted,your a waste of breath
  18. Your a sneaky wee prick aren't you that's twice you've tryed to put words in my mouth. Listen your gay youl never have waines,so stfu preaching whAt they should do when clearly you ain't doing it yourself you hypocrite. How about you wear one for 7 hours a day an see how you get on instead of calling young children pathetic,I do t know about anyone else but calling young children names is a wrongun attitude,your a disturbed man bgd
  19. That man's a f***ing disgrace,he's calling 11years olds pathetic,what a bigman eh If he had to wear one 7 hours a day heed be uncomfortable about it too
  20. Well shut the f**k up then an stop preaching to children as young as 8 to wear one 7hours a day when you dont do it yourself you fecking hypocrite. I advise you to put a mask on for 7 hours an see how you feel. But you won't cause your just a globalist box ticker,it's good for the waines but not thee eh
  21. These showboating on here preaching to primary school kids as young as 8,who have to wear a mask for 7 hours a day,not one of them will do it themselves an that's a fact dido.
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