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  1. Some rough fellas from that Whitehaven. Plenty jackers knocking about round there
  2. Them northern rabbits are easier than southern rabbits
  3. Soubd mate, growing nicely he guna have some height to him I reckon. Looking forward to entering him next season
  4. No do I Fuk. That’s just another conspiracy created in old days to keep people in line
  5. No sightings have been proved. There is plenty of other explanations for kills. So as for big cats yes complete rubbish. There’s no proof just get over it.
  6. Don’t need any. The truth is your making assumptions the creating wild big cats. When there is no proof at all there is big cats in the U.K.
  7. Keep dreaming about these big cats n big foot. Cos that’s all it is a dream
  8. I wouldn’t mistake a roe for one that’s for sure
  9. So all these conspiracies and no actual evidence
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