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  1. allydog

    . 223 reloading equipment

    Thanks for the info mate much appreciated
  2. Any idea how much a full reloading set up.for a. 223 Would cost me and best place to get one as my local gun shop doesn't sell them. Thanks in advance
  3. allydog

    22-250 vs. 223

    Maybe I'll. Pass on that one
  4. allydog

    22-250 vs. 223

    Luv to mate but not enough cash for that.
  5. allydog

    22-250 vs. 223

    Thanks for that much appreciated that's the kind of response I was after unlike Decker!!!
  6. allydog

    22-250 vs. 223

    Seriously Decker I've read quite a few posts of your over the year's and this reinforces what I already knew that your a bit of a clever c**t.
  7. allydog

    22-250 vs. 223

    Decent Hmmm I'd have a rethink on that one LoL
  8. allydog

    22-250 vs. 223

    Why would this concern you? Your reply is not conducive to my original post so not helpful in the slightest.
  9. allydog

    22-250 vs. 223

    Who wants a hornet? I never stated that in my post, I like the varmint barrel as I have found them more accurate (just my opinion) purely for pest control, Cumbria why do you ask?
  10. allydog

    22-250 vs. 223

    I no longer want to hunt deer so no longer require a deer caliber rife I've had a 22-250 before and enjoyed it, I've never used a. 223 I believe that they are much softer shooting round and much less barrel wear so just wanted some input before I make my choice
  11. I have a slot on my ticket for a. 22 cf which one should I choose both howa 1500 varmint barrel rifles . 223 or 22-250 that 8s the question
  12. allydog

    Bi pod

    Any one recommend a bi pod that's not to expensive please