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  1. I've been thinking about the fortis legacy 2 trousers heard some good things about them also half the price of harkila
  2. Looking for recommendations for a new pair of shooting /beating waterproof trousers not overtrousers after something pretty breathable and waterproof must be pretty tough as for shooting and beating thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the info mate much appreciated
  4. Any idea how much a full reloading set up.for a. 223 Would cost me and best place to get one as my local gun shop doesn't sell them. Thanks in advance
  5. Luv to mate but not enough cash for that.
  6. Thanks for that much appreciated that's the kind of response I was after unlike Decker!!!
  7. Seriously Decker I've read quite a few posts of your over the year's and this reinforces what I already knew that your a bit of a clever c**t.
  8. Decent Hmmm I'd have a rethink on that one LoL
  9. Why would this concern you? Your reply is not conducive to my original post so not helpful in the slightest.
  10. Who wants a hornet? I never stated that in my post, I like the varmint barrel as I have found them more accurate (just my opinion) purely for pest control, Cumbria why do you ask?
  11. I no longer want to hunt deer so no longer require a deer caliber rife I've had a 22-250 before and enjoyed it, I've never used a. 223 I believe that they are much softer shooting round and much less barrel wear so just wanted some input before I make my choice
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