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  1. Tremo

    CZ 527

    I always used a picatinny rail on my 527, so sorry mate I can't help you out here.
  2. Tremo

    Police on my permission

    Personally I have never rung the police to let them know that I'm out shooting. I cover that many small farms in a night that it would take an eternity to give them all the details. Also, there are that many couples getting there leg over on the country lanes around here it would take a bunch of officers all night to check every vehicle. They would get very bored, very quickly.
  3. Tremo

    Fair weather shooters?

    My sentiments entirely. . I find it difficult enough to shoot the b*ggers in the fine weather!
  4. My memory isn't as good as it was, but doesn't the 52 grain A-max have a boat tail, and the .22 cal V-max bullets don't? If this is the truly the case and you are getting some odd results then perhaps this is a contributing factor?
  5. Tremo

    Range Finders

    My mate uses one just like Toxo describes. He has it on his .22LR and really rates it.
  6. I used CFE 223 in all the loads for my .223 (40gr thru 55gr). It yielded superb accuracy. I don't know if there is any CFE left around now though.
  7. Tremo

    17HH bench clean up.

    Alright Toxo? Just as a guide () ... I'm running 12.0 grains of DO63 out of my 17 hornet, pushing Hornady 25 grain HPs. 3425 fps and a single ragged hole at 100 metres. My advice would be - 1) Select the bullet weight that you feel is best suited to you shooting requirements, 2) Use your selection of powders to find the one that the bullet/barrel combination likes. Having too many parameters in your tests will never yield the results that you are looking for, and it will ultimately drive you mad. . I've been there.
  8. Tremo

    Shooting sticks

    Thanks Toxo. I'll bear it in mind if/when I'm ever across your side of the island.
  9. Tremo

    Shooting sticks

    I'll have to give them a go one day mate. It looks as though you really have it suss'd there. The bunnies don't look that happy with your equipment though!! . Obviously they work well for you mate. Good stuff.
  10. Tremo

    Shooting sticks

    Many a true word mate!
  11. Tremo

    Shooting sticks

    The way my shaking is going Walshie, you had better add an extra two legs for me and make it a round 10. I'll bl**dy need them soon.
  12. Tremo

    Shooting sticks

    That's a great offer Jok.
  13. Tremo

    Shooting sticks

    All banter aside, if I could, I certainly would chum. . They helped me to drop 2 vixens on Thursday night after we chatting on here. I shake like a sh*tting dog when I use sticks, so to get results like this piece of kit is worth every penny to me.
  14. Tremo

    Shooting sticks

    Ahhh, I see now. We have the potential for a 'Repeat Offender' here then, do we Moxy??
  15. Tremo

    Shooting sticks

    . Short arms, deep pockets again Walshie??