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  1. Degsey

    Which Scope

    update..... was very happy with the nikko but have since bought a springer which I have fitted the nikko. I found a second hand mtc viper what a great bit of kit it has pride of place now on my rabbit gun
  2. Degsey

    Range Finders

    tracked down an unused Nitesite rangefinder for "£170 have used it a few times now and I think I got a bargain works a treat
  3. Degsey

    Webley Eclipse

    Cheers for the feedback folks but unfortunately the guy backed out of the deal
  4. Degsey

    Webley Eclipse

    Has anyone had dealings with a Webley Eclipse in .177 am taking an unused one in a p/x deal. I have heard they were a decent gun in their day
  5. Degsey

    Help needed

    Its up for sale on Free ads
  6. Degsey

    Help needed

    I have decided after much deliberation that I am selling the Galahad and am putting the money towards a better NV set up. So boys and girls if anyone is in the market for a nearly new Galahad and an NS50 NiteSite let me know.
  7. Don't think so only got shooting rights.
  8. Degsey

    Help needed

    This is a call out to anyone who has been in this very situation. Sounds sinister I know but really need some help.... Since buying my new AA 510S I have been neglecting my AA Galahad we had such wonderful times before 510 came along but the younger better looking model is demanding all my attention and Galahad has been pushed aside. The burning question is should I keep the Galahad for the odd fling or should I get rid and put all my efforts into being happy with the 510 Thoughts please ladies and gents
  9. Went again today but not a bunny in sight. Think the rain stopped play so took a photo of my patch for you all to be jealous
  10. Got my first permission through a friend of a friend. They have a massive area and they have let me have a little patch to play on with my air guns. Had a great first day only 3 hours
  11. Is this still for sale?
  12. ok folks I have a question . Who uses range finders and do they work in the dark. If so can anyone recommend one for around 150.00 cheers
  13. Degsey

    Sent Out Letters

    Cheers but aready have my own business listed on there
  14. Degsey

    Sent Out Letters

    Cheers for the advice guys well some of it anyway
  15. did they use to be in lancaster Yes they moved to Carnforth in April