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  1. Thanks a million for all the great support yesterday. Hope everyone had a great day
  2. Rockview Harriers Dog Show Flapper Racing Registration and measuring at 1030am First Race 1100am All racing from traps Muzzles Optional Competitions starting at 1100 am are: Master McGrath under-23 Master McGrath over - 23 Mick the Miller Mick the Miller - no 3/4 greyhound x whippet or no elite Lurchers are allowed enter. No dog is allowed enter the Master McGrath and Mick the Miller. Other races will take place after showing depending on numbers Judges decision is final
  3. Rockview Harriers Annual Hound, Terrier & Lurcher Show SUN 30th APR 2017 Sevenhouses Coursing Ground, Danesfort, Co. Kilkenny Signposted from Junction 9, M9 Flapper Registration at 1030am SHARP Showing at 1pm Pet Show at 2pm Trade stands welcome with prior arrangements All major qualifiers. Flapper Racing: Registration for Master McGrath and Mick the Miller at 1030am First qualifier race at 1100am SHARP Straight racing after showing For more information: 00353 86 8425417 00353 87 0635950 johnnydicker@hotmail.com
  4. Thanks a million Nipper78. Hope everyone enjoyed the day. Thanks for all the great support
  5. Thanks a million Margaret. Again all your great work helping shows
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