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  1. There used to be one in market Drayton,not sure if he's still there though.
  2. Beat them to an inch of their scummy littles lives then beat them again
  3. I was going to purchase some for my shotgun but not sure whether to bother,looks like the jury's out on this one...
  4. As already mentioned, dry firing rifles isn't an issue. Semi auto shotguns can be half fired and then released, and the vast majority of modern shotguns can be dry fired anyway. So what's with ..... if you don't use them it leaves the firing pin springs under load? Ive always been under the assumption that dry firing a shotgun can damage the firing pins.
  5. The only reason I asked is I was told that if you don't use them it leaves the firing pin springs under load and that will cause damage to the springs.
  6. Sorry for asking this question as I'm sure it's been asked a thousand times, Is it best to use snap caps when storing your gun ????is is it just another gimmick.
  7. The problem is as soon as you remove magpies from the area others quickly take their place,so you never really solve the problem.
  8. I watched a magpie today taking young sparrows from a nest.
  9. I personally never remove the eggs from my bullies as it just causes unnecessary interference and are then more likely to abandon the nest.
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