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  1. Oh right nice one that will do me thank you for that Denny. Atb Ian
  2. I have just bought a pigeon magnet but was just wondering what the best battery is? Am looking for one that will last a good few hours cause I have heard some only last 40 mins or so, so that's no good to me! Cheers Ian
  3. i have just ordered a hawke sport hd sr for my .22 rimfire, as anyone had one of these? and what you think to them?
  4. i didnt end up purchasing the thumbhole stock cz 455 i ended up with a brand new cz 452 with synthetic stock.
  5. TH stocks aren't for everyone, I like them and so have the 455 with the laminate TH stock. Can't fault it. Handle one before you commit to purchasing as you may find you prefer the sporter stock. Yeah I understand mate, I am going to look at one tomorrow so I will have a good look at it and handle it to see what it feels like, will let you know how I get on, if I purchase it or not... Cheers
  6. at the min I am looking for a cz 455 thumbhole stock. does anyone have one of these and if so what you think to these? thanks I will be putting on it my sak mod and Yukon photon 6.5 x 42 night scope,,,
  7. well all these replys have made my mind up, think I will treat myself to a cz 455 .22l... thanks all for the replys
  8. hi all just wondering who as one of these and what do you think of them? thanks ian
  9. yukon photon i have just purchased one and its spot on for day and night.... atb ian
  10. i have just purchased one of these for my .22lr and i am very pleased with it apart from having trouble zeroing it in, for some reason when i first tried zeroing it i fired at a target at 100yrds and it was missing the target completely so moved target to 70yrds and hit it so zeroed it in at 70yrds, so tried it again at 100yrds and hit it but when i went to move the cross down it woundnt make it down fully to where the bullet hit cause it was to its full max of 30 down, as anyone else had problems zeroing this scope in???? I wish someone near me had one of these cause I would bring it to
  11. thanks all I will try some of these...
  12. hi all just wondered what baits you use and which ones you think that work best? i have been useing honey and bread which isnt too bad but would like to try other baits that work well or better..... atb ian
  13. hi all am looking for a couple of jills so if you have any for sale or to give away please pm me am from north Nottinghamshire cheers ian
  14. welcome mate! am from Nottinghamshire.
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