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  1. Im with you on that jon. I like an NV screen rather than a scope. That 100 looks f#*×ing lovely as well pal
  2. mattwhite

    HW 97K .177 cal, long range squirrels.

    Nice shot mark That really is the sorriest looking squizzer ive ever seen pal
  3. mattwhite

    Out trying the 177

    As above pal. I love .177 but have had some bloody cracking .22s as well. In .177 pcp you can get the weight up with biz mags pal and they hit like a train without too much loss of trajectory. Nowt wro g with a .22 though
  4. mattwhite


    Top shooting jimmy. Shot placement looks spot on with the bloody ears pal
  5. mattwhite

    Reached for the Pro Sport .177 tonight.

    Nicely done mark. Just starting to see more jays about this last year or so. Ive not targeted them yet but numbers on some of my perms are getting worse than bandits so i might add them to the list
  6. mattwhite

    the nw hw100 bullpup

    Thanks phil
  7. mattwhite

    the nw hw100 bullpup

    Im with jon on this one. Call me a boring old fashioned twat but i like a nice wood stock that looks less tactical and more like a hunting tool. It will no doubt be super accurate and engineered to the hilt but give me the 100 sporter in walnut in preference
  8. mattwhite

    Stock refurbished

    Looks stunning pal
  9. mattwhite

    I am off

    Dont be tempted to shoot any of these pal. Andean condor. National bird of Chile You might get into trouble
  10. mattwhite


    Theres better lads on here than me to answer that pal but it would bug me to death knowing it was cracked. When you think of the force of a piston travelling forwards it would do my head in constantly wanting to check it hadnt got worse
  11. mattwhite

    grey squirrels

    I can almost hear the shouts from over here Mark........ "why dont you use a f#*@ing plate!!!!, youve got blood and guts all over the storage shed roof AGAIN!!!"
  12. mattwhite


    Am i missing something anout flynn. Wasnt he pleading poverty then all of a sudden seemed to be getting all sorts of different rifles or have i misunderstood his posts?
  13. mattwhite

    Beeman C1

    I have to say jon, that old english style stock looks lovely, really lovely pal and it seems to like the taste of jsb exacts too
  14. mattwhite

    Cat amongst the pigeons !

    Top stuff and the 1st pic with jet is a stunner pal
  15. mattwhite

    Vegan... pub.

    I WAS going to say " they tell you....over and over and over" but i think i like your answer better
  16. mattwhite

    Vegan... pub.

    How can you tell if someone is vegan.......
  17. mattwhite


    Just my two penneth. Hes sold the gun on after having doubts about the barrel to someone on here without giving a Shit and after having jimmy pretty much offer to refurb the whole thing for free. As its already been said. If hes half a gentleman he should refund the rifle and let the lad keep it for being f#*^ed over. Id dont believe all the "oh i tried it and it was ok" bo#@ocks. Not good enough. If you have doubts, dont try and hide them in a sale. Rant over
  18. mattwhite

    Finding land with Rabbits

    All of the above pal. If i see any land while im out that has any rabbits on, i will find the owner and ask if i can help them by keeping the numbers down as some people like to see a few about. If you have only seen a couple still go and ask as it could pave the way for some pigeon shooting or grey squirrels too but ask them first. Also dont forget to give them first refusal on some of the bunnies pal as that can go a long way that your willing to let them take some for their table too Ive offered every perm owner that and only 1 said yes but its no hardship to dress a couple as a thank you
  19. mattwhite

    Out in the breeze

    After it had finished sleeting this afternoon i set a card up at 30 yards in the garden for a bit of practice. Ive just fitted the swift stumpy modular to the 99s and started on the target card before her indoors managed to find me something more constructive to do We had a steady left to right breeze but i kept poa on the centre spot and the card below is 11 shots pretty much through a .22 cal pellet hole from a steady rest in the kitchen window down range. Dont ask me why i stopped at 11, I think i was worried about buggering the group up Just need the weather to clear a bit so i can get out on the perms and get some rabbits in the fridge
  20. mattwhite

    Last hour of day light

    Ive had some good early shoots but generally the last hour just into darkness has provided me with the most opportunities
  21. mattwhite

    Out in the breeze

    Its settled at 11.5 mitch with field diablos after Si's fettling and he didnt do Tonnes to it. He did more than im capable of though
  22. mattwhite

    Out in the breeze

    Hoovering and cleaning inside windows.........then hoovering HER car out!!!! Still........happy wife, happy life i guess
  23. mattwhite

    P15s hour out

    Nice one flynn, always nice to christen a new rifle so well done pal
  24. mattwhite

    Back at the squirrels

    Thats a good session pal. Theres a happy landowner there
  25. mattwhite

    A duo of coneys

    After a right bloody hailstorm this morning i donned me boots and jacket and had a wander in the sun on a nice little paddock perm with the 99. Loads of bunnies about but very skittish today for some reason. 1st one popped out of the brambles at 45 yards and i clean missed him coz i completely forgot windage. 2nd appeared about 15 minutes later at 33 yards so bang on zero and over he went. 3rd was across the paddock at 47 yards so at 9x zoom, a gnats whisker over 1 mildot with a slight correction for windage and over he went too. This 99 hasnt missed a beat yet, its just me whos the dopey bugger and forgets the windage