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  1. Nice shooting Mark
  2. mattwhite

    Up date

    Let me just ammend my last statement Jimmy.. The police get £33 per YEAR from the 2k not £39 per month so its even more of a p#!s take
  3. mattwhite

    Up date

    Our council tax is £175 a month Mitch and £39 goes to the emergency services pal. The rest gets bloody wasted!
  4. mattwhite

    Up date

    Its a complete shower of sh1t mate. It put me off getting one a couple of years back I can tell you
  5. mattwhite

    Alittle helping hand

    Welcome mate. There no substitute for getting out there and doing a little leg work. Make sure your insured and have your card at hand and try to spot some vermin to be able to mention on the land your visiting.
  6. mattwhite

    Out with Dolly.

    Nice to see you U. And what's this..........The famous open sights man with a scope......you heathen!!!
  7. mattwhite

    Got my new scope

    I would say either the 97 or the 100 would be spot on jimmy
  8. mattwhite

    8 for 8

    Nicely done pal
  9. mattwhite

    On a new perm

    Been mad busy this last couple of weeks but I managed to secure a new bit of woodland only 10 minutes from home that will provide some brilliant roost shooting on the crows when I've got used to their behaviour on there so I had a little walk round last night and sure enough, it's teeming with them and as a bonus there are a few woodies about there too. I was hoping to get under the crows but I was a wee bit late and they were already makung off from the daytime trees so i just sat tight and waited for any stragglers to pop in. Sure enough one did pop in and it was a woody at 45 yards and i could just about see a shot throgh the branches with the 99 from Si between his shoulder blades. No trouble at all for the little rifle and with just the one in the bag it was off home happy as larry
  10. mattwhite

    On a new perm

    Definitely pal It's one of my favourites if not the number one
  11. mattwhite

    On a new perm

    Cheers Mitch. It's lovely and light for pointing up into treetops with that's for sure
  12. mattwhite

    On a new perm

    Cheers Si It's the first woody I've had in bloody ages. Very happy driving home
  13. mattwhite

    On a new perm

    Cheers Mark. There's more woodies on here than I've seen in a long while so I'm looking forward to some better bags hopefully
  14. I put a quick post up last night with a link from Giles you tube channel and it looks like hes either romeved the channel before it gets taken off or its been removed by you tube? The likes of the shooting show and VHTV etc are still available so I'm not sure what they are hoping to achieve?
  15. mattwhite

    My new cs1000 stock

    Robust springs to mind mate, I like it. And the grain is lovely
  16. mattwhite

    Air Arms Pro Sport .177 goes hunting.

    I'm definitely with you on that one Mark. There is no comparison for me between a shot with a Springer and one with a pcp.
  17. Well as im sure your all aware, we are going to get more snow and wind etc as from tomorrow so i snook out on a new small perm thats got quite a few coneys on it just for last light tonight with Si's 99s. What a belting rifle! 2 shots and 2 rabbits from 35 yards each stood free hand.....well not totally free hand. I had to stand as there was a small mound in the way of the run coming though the boundary wall so rather than lie down and get soaked up close I opted for leaning my right shoulder blade on the house wall and taking the shots a wee bit furthar away. Both shots were clinical, lights out. For less than £200 New and a Si Brown fettle, you can't go wrong
  18. mattwhite

    Which is best? HW97 or TX200HC

    I've never shot an imp but this 99s of Si's that he's fettled shoots every bit as well as both my tx200s. Yes it's lighter so its less forgiving but once your used to that your away
  19. mattwhite

    Beat the beast before the weekend

    Cheers Mitch. They're a lovely lightweight rifle to carry and I'm sure more accurate than I'm able to test properly
  20. mattwhite

    Beat the beast before the weekend

    It may get threaded and have a certain someones moderator fitted
  21. mattwhite

    Beat the beast before the weekend

    Yes I think I'm going to Jimmy. It's a cracking rifle mate
  22. mattwhite

    Bench rest

    Just the job Jimmy
  23. mattwhite

    AR Style Compact

    Well it's definitely got the tactical look about it pal.
  24. mattwhite

    The 24 Shit Shot Challenge !

    You would do if was glued to your hand like it is mine pal