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  1. I asked about this on Facebook other evening, if only bred from bayers how would the pups be down the line. Nobody answered
  2. The South African rugby team have to have a set number of black players in their 45 man squad I believe it's about 10% of the squad has to be black. It's ridiculous best man for the job regardless
  3. Be interested in a couple of pups love the sound of these bushing type crosses
  4. I work shifts so plan is as dogs only 7 months to lamp more on afters shift and when on days or nights fit the dogs around work and family so it will change from week to week
  5. At last someone with a bit of commen sense and tells the truth. Lick arse. least I know who's arse to Lick. I don't have my tongue down the back of no one's trousers, I just after some honest advice as I've only had a couple of terriers and trying to go the right way and the Internet is the way I heard Yeah definitely sitting on the internet is the best way to learn anything about dogs
  6. No digging terrier will come into its own until it has been entered on numerous occasions over the course of the season.Experience is the only gauge of a terriers working value and only then can true judgement be plausible.Each and every time a terrier gets dark and dirty it learns its trade a tad more and a season or two under its belt is a truer reflection of the tykes purpose.Throw some graft at the mutt and make your mind up when its had a season or 2 above it. The old lad is six and I don't know what it's done before, I'll keep trying him but will concentrate more on the younger dog.
  7. If I'm being honest with myself mate I think your right. My mate said that at the time but think he could tell I was a bit upset so tried to humor me lol
  8. Cheers will try that, I was worrying it could be that
  9. I got two dogs a few months back and after getting them right I've now tried both of them the younger dog showed his inexperience but I was quite pleased with him. The older dog worked it well stayed in one place after about 15/20mins so we waited another 10 mins no movement so started digging. Everything was going well until we just about broke through and the dog moved. These are my first dogs so I'm a proper beginner but my mate I was out with said it looks like the old lads been hit with the spade before and he's now scared of it. I'll try him again but don't know if it's something I did o
  10. Id take the time but and make millions betting on football and on the lottery
  11. Security work didn't mind it at the beginning but then it all changed (duty of care) so I had to make sure the bloke who had just spat at me got into a taxi or I'd have lost my job. Didn't say I had to tell driver his desired destination though. Had its good points but never again.
  12. These look like they could be a handful
  13. I am a bit geeky with stuff like this haha I've always enjoyed keeping track of my pigeons breeding but always been more interested in performance so can't see dogs being any different ? Early signs have been good with him. Cheers
  14. Could we organise "Straight, white, Christian Pride" ? No because you can't be straight and Christian haha
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