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  1. Few pics of the young birds
  2. Paul White your talking shite, you either know or you don't
  3. All the dog theives when their looking at these sites
  4. I'd say you get some variety of birds at your feeders, I get a lot of goldfinches there does be 30 or 40 at a time
  5. I just seen this on another site, that house is in a wildlife park, and you can rent it out, apparently
  6. Is that in the UK pal, I don't think we have them over here
  7. Their probably feeding them, fcuked if I'd want that outside my door
  8. I didn't know you had a bad back have you seen a doctor about it
  9. Must of been the weight and temp of the tee shirt that was the problem Ray. Good to see the vest made the grade
  10. I've always pictured you as rab c nesbitt talking shite on the Internet all day haha
  11. If you forgot to pull them down while having a shite you'd shit chips
  12. There was a bit of fly tipping over the last few years old sofas an stuff, it's more or less came from that or someone hid it after robbing it and couldn't find it, it's been there awile the bag it was all rotted you can see bits of it in the picture
  13. Cheers, we're always on the look out for treasure and you wanna see some of shit he calls treasure the Mr's does be going mad, I'm chuffed for him he wants to get a couple of games for his Nintendo an some bits for his holidays an saving stamps, minus the 20 I charged him for picking it up an carrying it home
  14. There's a bit of land across the road from me, doesn't hold much so I only walk it the odd time, diggers have been in tearing it apart the last few weeks so I brought the young lad over for one last walk and he finds all these coins I washed an counted them, three hundred and 37 euros not a bad find
  15. It's swamped out here, still have to get the dog out
  16. It's a left handed one, ye tit
  17. Big Joe cut his holidays short to sort this out
  18. My one, she's a tough little bitch
  19. Do you just swallow them like a tablet, where do you get them
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