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  1. Do you just swallow them like a tablet, where do you get them
  2. I wouldn't mind that now, what are the capsules pal
  3. His ego over took him, and that was him out the window
  4. Horrible little cnut just like his ma,
  5. No pal, she said something about it, I'll have a gander later, the council man tate landed on his feet, that was a brilliant episode
  6. It was alright, my Mrs was showing me a trailer for the spin off
  7. I read a bit about vhd a few years ago, and from what I remember, their dead within 30 minutes an the majority die under ground
  8. I remember a few years back going to work, had to walk it because of a few inches of snow an by 10 o'clock I was standing out having a smoke in a tee shirt
  9. People are already queing up for bread
  10. I love getting out in it meself the mrs does think I'm mad, it's started here the last ten minutes
  11. Do you think it will stick pal, I noticed a bit on the Dublin mountains this morning
  12. I like the vodka, a bit to much ha, I like a bottle of budwieser if I'm having a beer at home, I'd probably go the pub once or twice a year and after a couple of pints I'd hit the vodka
  13. He drinks them alco pops
  14. I'm not fond of the taste meself pal, but if I'm in a pub which is rare I'll have a pint
  15. A big fcuk off pint to wash them down, you still get sat in the kids section
  16. I'd eat them all day, I like the bacon ones to
  17. Scampi ones are nicer
  18. She should have dressed as a cabbage
  19. Not with my arse in the way
  20. Maybe he was knocking one into her
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