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  1. gwalchmai4110

    Started well

    Empty your inbox bud Atb
  2. gwalchmai4110

    Various Jack Russell's

    i used to keep that sort small cobby mutts..... atb
  3. gwalchmai4110

    Various Jack Russell's

  4. gwalchmai4110

    Scotland , England and Wales

    Ha ha ha payback for the Scottish midget joke??? was a decent run out mate we will get some running in this season atb
  5. gwalchmai4110

    Out Ratting

    good luck with them mate should be some right little belters them atb
  6. gwalchmai4110

    any help....

    Hiya lads, very random one here. Always wanted to try my hand at abit of fishing but dont really know where to start in terms of gear and such. ive done a bit of spinning on the rivers and so on but id love to have a go for chub or barbel. is there any one on here who would be willing to let a welsh moron tag along and see the craic? ill pay a few quid to whoever, or stick a few quid to there chosen charity no issues as im not looking for a freebie. willing to travel pretty much any where cheers lads
  7. gwalchmai4110

    any help....

    thank you for the replys and for the messages ive had lads! top drawer atb
  8. gwalchmai4110

    This year's runners

    couple of my headache......
  9. gwalchmai4110

    A Week on

    aghhhh see....wasnt just me telling you not to keep the runt. shared blame now. atb
  10. gwalchmai4110

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    i know ive spoken to you before about these beddy types you keep......lovely to see mate long may it continue. if your ever in wales drop me a message ill put a day on atb
  11. gwalchmai4110

    It never rains .....

    mines a moron! everything is a million miles an hour atb
  12. gwalchmai4110

    It never rains .....

    nice her mate! whats her temperament like? atb
  13. gwalchmai4110

    new season

    looks a familiar view that ha ha ha atb
  14. gwalchmai4110

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    i want first choice lol atb
  15. gwalchmai4110

    Holidays dog boarding

    you can send that lurcher dog down here for long term boarding if you want lol atb
  16. gwalchmai4110

    Old dogs past or retired

    aye....something like that lol, truth be told i knew he had it in him so was my fault to a degree, he wasnt around any one other than me at this stage, and he was very handy at what he did so i made allowances. but him pulling me off my feet at 3 am after a nights lamping was not his most tactile move. unfortunately we parted company atb
  17. gwalchmai4110

    Old dogs past or retired

    this old lad was good fun to have about, big old lump he was, deerhound x greyhound x collie. everything was going swimingly until one day he decided he wanted to be boss and grabbed my arm whilst feeding him. atb
  18. gwalchmai4110

    Show us your Bull x

    i have a young bitch on mate, not a bull x just a freezer filler and my plan is to breed the old bitch this year, but settling on a stud is not easy lol atb
  19. gwalchmai4110

    Show us your Bull x

    aye no they are small, the top bitch isnt hear no more she was hit by a car last year...... the old bitch is 23" atb
  20. gwalchmai4110

    Show us your Bull x

    cheers lads..... top bitch is bull grey x deerhound grey second bitch is bull grey x saluki grey half sisters atb
  21. gwalchmai4110

    Show us your Bull x

    a couple of mine
  22. hiya lads, just wandering if any one on here could point me in the direction of a little springer to have a mess about with? doest have to be fancy but i want it to generally shoot where im pointing it, just fancy something to pass a few hours on these long summer nights. any advice what to go for or indeed what not to go for would be great! atb
  23. gwalchmai4110

    Cod liver oil

    i give "golden paste" which is tumeric black pepper and coconut oil.....not sure it does much but makes me a feel a bit better that im tryin lol atb
  24. gwalchmai4110

    Roe deer head prep...

    Hi lads, ive landed on a few nice roe heads, i was wandering if some one can give me an idiots guide into cleaning the skull up? how to remove all the flesh? any advice will be appreciated atb
  25. gwalchmai4110

    HOF or hang your head in shame

    put her some where tidy sir.....good white dogs are becoming rare! good luck with her atb