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  1. Have a buffalo special 6 shirt, cant beat it in the winter for anything leisurely
  2. Can anyone give a personal review of the Deerhunter Cumberland Trousers Thanks
  3. Can anyone give a review on the Clulite Trailblaser 4000
  4. pocket rocket here 9 yr old can be used at stud if you like
  5. wheaton x greyhound View Advert wheaton x greyhound bitch 11 weeks, inoculated and microchipped Advertiser georgeandmildred Date 21/10/18 Price Category Working Lurchers  
  6. did you buy your dog as a pup from the breeder
  7. if they hadn,t been sold to australia in the first place this couldnt of happened
  8. Sounds right,i know shovel was R E,s bitch and was F stacey breeding shovel wasnt owned by RE
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