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  1. jimmyboots

    best fox dog ever seen

    Best dog iv ever seen for the amount taken, the way it took em and dealt with them and whether it was on the lamp or daytime was a 1st x bull/grey named Punch. Im going back a good many years ago now but even so iv still not been fortunate enough yet to see a dog that can compare, im not saying there is not a dog out there, just iv not seen one myself that can do the job with as much style & all round perfection. I expect there are a few bull x owners that may have heard of this dog or maybe have also saw it run especially if your from the south of england & was into your bull x in the 90's, if so im sure they would also have something to say about this dog. R.I.P Punch!
  2. have to agree with you there lucky there is a lot of shite about not just in the bull breeds either.some people do just keep them as status symbols , parading round the shows pulling there arm off lol.i think a lot of the youngins with them and some older expect them to do whats written on the tin which just isnt the case.but as for one trick ponys , maybe the majority of half xs are but my 3/4 breds were bred for all quarry apart from the obvious and are faring well at the moment but its still early days.they are as obedient and as good on rabbits than any collie x i have seen and i have seen quite a few lol but as i say its still early days MAKE SURE THE BULL IS A PIT PURE PIT BULL THEY ARE STILL OUT THERE I think that you have made a key point that many people may not have thought about when buying/breeding a bull x. Iv had the pleasure to see other crosses other than bull x take fox(colliex, deerhoundx, Alsatianx) all single handed and they have been superb at the task but... iv yet to see another cross other than a A.P.B.T x that can take fox one after another all night single handed with the drive and passion on its 5th or 6th fox of the night as the same way it did on its 1st.
  3. jimmyboots

    New Member.

    Thanks to all that went out of their way to give me a warm welcome to the site Cheers.
  4. jimmyboots

    New Member.

    HI Everyone, only just joined a few days ago. Have read some good posts from various topics on the site. My main interests are lurchers(bull crosses) as i enjoy lamping fox mainly, but like most types of any form of hunting. Happy Hunting to all fellow members.
  5. brownie are you from E.LONDON. Was wondering as i may know you from way back.