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  1. If there in the velux they may not be in the roof void. I would wipe an oil based product around the inside of the frame with a cloth.
  2. That about sums it up perfectly rabid. I got a second hand xq model about 2 months ago. Did a pigeon shoot in a very large brick works last week and the pigeons stuck out like sore thumbs almost like they were reflecting the heat from the kilns.
  3. Seen one looking just the same in derby city centre a couple of months ago, middle of the day. Barely a piece of fur on it.
  4. £25 per week yts gamekeeper in 1987. Sparsholt agricultural collage for a month at a time. They used to board us with local families around the Winchester area.
  5. I've used the dome trap with very good success with Ribena juice as an attractant. Killgerm sell them. Wasps here in the Midlands are very quite, I've only done 35, usually done a couple of hundred by now.
  6. Paid £500 which is probably a bit high but I know for a fact it's had less than 40 rounds through it. My mate brought it new many years ago and it's sat in his cabinet. Also came with an average scope and mounts. Just put a mod on it and waiting for a night vision scope.
  7. I've just bought a sako vixen 222, as old as me but great first impressions seems very accurate.
  8. Jo riley, ive done the fox control inside twycross zoo many times (.22) It's a bit surreal flicking the lamp on and there's a lion stood 10 foot away.
  9. Called out to a Chinese take away Years ago when a rat had come in through his open back door. He'd spent half hour chasing it round and then lost it in his shop. I spent half hour looking for it to no avail. As I stood scratching my head his mum who was about 100 years old came shuffling past and went in the toilet. 2 minutes later there was a scream and she came running out like usain bolt. Looked in the bowl and there's the rat swimming round In p*ss. Always check the toilet first !
  10. I'm looking into buying a 38 and a mate looking for a scope, do you have any in stock Ian?
  11. Out foxing on a chicken farm this week and my mate watched a badger running down and killing chickens that were jugging down in the grass.
  12. Yep quality that. Probably the most iconic rock tune of the 90s.
  13. Just watched my pet spider Boris catch a fly while I was doing a spray treatment for flys at a waste transfer yard, he lives on the passenger side dashboard of my van !
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