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  1. Bull x Bitch for sale View Advert Bull x Greyhound bitch, fawn, 24tts and 13 months old. Does everything i ask of her but not big and heavy enough for what i want. Great little dog, good recall and eager to please. Good with other dogs and children. I am in Exeter, Devon £200 Advertiser k99yle Date 12/12/17 Price £200.00 Category Working Lurchers  
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    Bull x Bitch for sale


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    Bull x Greyhound bitch, fawn, 24tts and 13 months old. Does everything i ask of her but not big and heavy enough for what i want. Great little dog, good recall and eager to please. Good with other dogs and children. I am in Exeter, Devon £200


  3. k99yle

    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    Due to the average reading and writing age of 40% of army recruits being 11 years old I take it not many soldiers will be publishing much. Give them a uniform and send them off to wherever we want to bomb next. Tell them its for queen and country and for the greater good of the world. Awesome
  4. k99yle

    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    I can't be bothered to argue with you. I know the truth. You guys are so brainwashed its unreal. All good guys hey! Keep on invading distant lands and murdering their people over weapons of mass destruction that don't exist , Get yourself a medal and be proud. I salute you.
  5. k99yle

    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    It is estimated by the BBC that between 100,000 and 200,000 civilians being men, women and children were killed during the gulf war. Who killed them then. No british soldiers i take it? Of course I'm not saying they were killed on purpose. Thats just silly. The african poacher gig wasn't offered as part of the British army. This was working for a private company. I have no need to lie. I am a 47 year old father of 2 who has been about a bit. Not a child. At no point did i say anything was an order. You are taking everything very literally. We all know shit happens that should never happen. You call it something else and brush it under the carpet. Its easier that way. I know about the Geneva convention and all that. Not everything is done by the book. How long did you serve, , what was your job and rank, what conflicts were you involved in?
  6. k99yle

    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    Did I say he was sent out to purposefully murder women and children? Its called collateral damage! Killing another soldier is murder in my eyes too. You are not allowed to go and kill poachers. This is Africa remember! How naive are you? This is the inconvenient truth of being in the British army. You kill people. All those guns and tanks aren't for show. Those bombs aren't just to scare people. You don't know if a load of terrorists in that house or a family of 5. Not always! Accidents happen. Its completely insulting to all the families of the innocent men, women and children that have been killed by British soldiers.
  7. k99yle

    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    You make some great points too as do many guys on here on this subject. My brother in law has been involved in killing countless men, women and children during 22 years in the British army. He is the most awesome bloke, mate, husband and dad that you ever met. He finds his way of justifying what he's done and that way he can sleep at night. The truth is that he's been brainwashed and cleverly manipulated by a tried and tested method used for countless years. How easily could he be encouraged to rape women and murder babies? If his mates were ordered to do it? Could he condone his actions by saying i only raped her, the bitch is lucky i didn't kill her? I did her a favour. It must have been better for her than f***ing her stinking rag head husband. He was going to go to Africa recently to kill poachers. He was well up for it but the job fell through. He is one of my closest mates and i have have known him all my life. Just a normal bloke. What is he capable of? 99% of men serving life in prison for murder are just normal blokes that snapped. We all have that potential. Governments can easily manipulate the masses into doing terrible things if they wish and could have easily got us to murder the Irish on mass if they wanted to. Of this I am sure
  8. k99yle

    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    Lets not forget that we are Mammals. We may have a different form of intelligence from other animals but the bottom line is we are animals. Do you remember how you felt the first time you killed a fish or a rabbit? Now you can do it automatically with no emotion. All these barbaric men who commit the most heinous crimes can easily justify them. We are excuse making machines. We have excuses for everything in life. We haven't progressed over thousands of years let alone 100 years. The only difference with warfare today is that you don't have to look them in the eye as you murder them and hear them beg for mercy. We do it from a helicopter gunship 2 miles away or sat behind a computer screen 10 miles off shore. Human beings are the lowest form of life. You may be a loving and kind individual but how much would it take for you to snap or be manipulated into doing evil things?????? Hopefully we will never find out.........
  9. k99yle

    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    What do you mean, only through progression? Cheers
  10. k99yle

    Mladic Guilty Of Genocide

    Watch DR Jordan Peterson talk on youtube about how easy it is to turn normal, happy, kind and gentle family men into animals. He explains how the nazi SS gently got their soldiers to commit the most disgusting acts within weeks! We are all very capable of doing this. Believe me.
  11. k99yle

    Give A Punch And Take One !

    Young 56Patterson 71 Norton 70 Frazier 67 Ali 74 Lyle 70 Quarry 53 Only two real early deaths,Quarry had his last bout at 47 and died 7 year later from Dementia Pugilista ( blows to head) a boxing brother of his also died of this and the other brother who also boxed died of Parkinson's,believed to have come from boxing.Youngs boxed till 39 and had drug and legal problems,his attorney said he had symptoms of traumatic brain injury due to boxing. He died of a heart attack in 2005 . Joshua has punched opponents on the floor and pushed refs,anybody else would have been disqualified. Being the next big thing , having a big promoter behind you and being a massive money maker does seem to have its merits . How many opponents has AJ punched on the floor and how many Refs has he pushed?
  12. k99yle

    Old Time Ravers Lol

    forgot about doves,we used to do the mitsubishi turbo's (thicker then the normal mitsubishi's)£20 each but we used to take the dealer to pick them up so always got 2/3 for free. By the time the mitzi's were about 96ish we were paying tenners or 2 for £15 if you remember the 90's you wasn't really there. yeah,96 the year i left school.clubs wasn't too bothered about ID then.if you were big enough your allowed in. anybody go to the country club nr yeovil.? I went to the country club once. Mega loud sound system and mega dodgy people hanging about. The trend seemed to be hugging the speakers!!!!
  13. k99yle


    A little bit hypocritical don't you think Joe? Think about it ........................