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  1. Ok. They bred well? The pup i bought was off a black bitch and red dog. 2 year old now. Seemed like a canny fella tbh so is John tbag ? Or they two different people? Said he kept black stuff and switched to reds, know he judges and won a lot of shows. Heard we works them but a couple of people said they are only show. He said they work and was telling me about digs he's been on. Over the moon with the dog I've got his stuff
  2. Cheers. It's mouseys mate I'm talking about, i bought a pup off him awhile back, mousey turned up to see him though, he was saying he keeps pats now. From what they were telling me they had the same stuff. Just wanted to see if anyone else has any stuff off them and how they turned out, whether that's work or show. Think the fella was called John
  3. Haha aye your right but if you've got a pretty one that can work then any man would be proud
  4. I believe something when i see it haha never had my dogs in a show ring tbh but they do the job they bred for. That's what matters isn't it?
  5. The so called top names that everyone bangs on about.... Middleton Ward Church Wild and all the rest. Always hear those names and more. My point was they all showed dogs so why can't anyone else. Like i said nowt wrong with keeping workers that look good
  6. Far as i know they show and work them. Well bred. It's the same with all dogs terriers lurchers etc some will make the grade and others won't. Personally i like a worker that looks good. All the top names show and work dogs so why can't the rest of us
  7. A foolish man is soon parted with his money!!
  8. Well that saved me a few quid haha could do with a good read
  9. Anyone rate the John Parks book?
  10. Dogs and deer £40 Melbourne books.
  11. I would go for 3/4 greyhound. Suit where I run.
  12. Had a whippet/grey years ago. 22" bitch. Fast little dog never had problems with feet. Class lamping dog. Seen some good collie whippet greyhound bred dogs. Can't go wrong with a bit collie blood.
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