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  1. Can’t really make out what your saying there but I’d imagine it’s about that boyo harry John , I am in agreement with you he’s a complete wanker , surprised he hasn’t been handed a hiding up there yet with the f***ing about with what he does , I believe he’s also a master at catching people for jacked dogs , total scumbag really is the best way to describe him . But that know it all jackal fella has a lot to answer for he has no business educating public people to what different types/breeds are bred for it’s hard enough to keep working dogs these days without ejits like him and these other pa
  2. Going on hearsay , I’d say your more to blame for the downfall of wheatens and working dogs than any body, wheatens and bulls av had there day there long gone as field dogs and good riddance in my eyes not a good image for field sports in this day and age , but your now bringing attention on digging dogs lurchers, white bodied terriers and black dogs especially with your bullshit articles on your old country blood facebook page , your not even a hunting lad yet you come on here crabbing people who are trying different things with dogs and an opinion on what people should or shouldn’t do , do
  3. Is He the same fella whos over the fb that supposed to have stole a fellas dog , ps what’s a chinwagger ??never heard it before
  4. ?exactly but do you believe that pet owners have any business of knowing what goes on with working dogs ? ? In my experience the ones who post these silly videos and photos have Little to nothing to lose or else there just brain dead b*****ds and have very little regard for anybody else , but we will agree to disagree you seem to be a fan of promoting dogs on Facebook to a none working audience I’m not so there’s very little else I can say .
  5. Your bang on with that I’d have a guess that is what will put the final nail in the coffin and most of these fools are outa dogs as quick as they came into them but the shit they cause while in dogs paints the picture of everyone for Joe Public , but I was replying to one of the lads commenting on whether people know what the purpose of any of these dog types is for and in my opinion it certainly doesn’t help the genuine guys who want no attention brought to them by these sort of Facebook dog enthusiasts/historians or what ever they class themselves all because they have an interest in dogs .
  6. Most guys I know are now trying for a more sensible dog around them as guys now are going to prison for keeping badly marked up dogs , what once was a slap in the wrist now carries a custodial sentence in cases wer it’s evident that people have been up to no good , suppose it’s everyone’s personal preference as to the working type they wish to kennel but one things for sure the laws starting to change and all against the working dog man , soon be nearly impossible to keep a harder type , more the pity .and as for being caught nowadays with any big dogs in a field along side terriers your gna h
  7. Your a 100% , people know what they are , just look at these Facebook pages who some have tens of thousands of followers and only a very very small minority of people if ur lucky are actually hunting people and vast majority of the guys who own them have never been on a days digging or lurcher work in their lives but they are promoting working dogs be it terriers , wheatens lurchers to people who has no business knowing what they’re for.
  8. From your perspective why do you feel it’s a pointless cross ? If they guys that breed them feel they can do a job then why not ! I believe their days as a field dog is well over but who am I to judge what people keep/do, I find it interesting there being used on boar and seem to be doing well .
  9. Fair play and all the best with her hopefully she does the job for you , interesting in seeing her as she ages , and if the wheaten/pit bull crosses are working for you why change it , theirs always someone with an opinion .
  10. Hilux hard to beat, total work horse always had one around the farm at home
  11. Nice pup , although I’d imagine in this day and age any use of this type of dog would be madness as a working dog , out of interest did you acquire this pup through these breed’s popularity on social media atm , no dig at you just curious as lots of people seem to be now interested in fairly uncommon types of working dogs , nice pup by the way looks great
  12. Jackmo


    Dirty trick that , unfortunately their every where, theirs a crowd of travellers beside me are mad for it , they could get up fix a few slates and charge people a 1000 euro , and mostly all older folk the target
  13. Seems the lurcher game is as good as gone , terrier work looks ok for now .
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