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  1. Have to say Scarface, I've always found the opposite ... Couldn't ask for better people to be amongst! Honest, genuine, decent lads.... Who would never see you stuck. Dogs are only ever gifted ... Best of luck with the pup!
  2. You must be mixing in the wrong circles bud, plenty of decent genuine lads out there!
  3. I know of a few with his blood but as you say well diluted by now, I wouldn't be the one to ask then either...
  4. Don't know TP, but correct me if I'm wrong, he seems to have known what he was about and had well bred working terriers besides the AC side of things... That Bruno dog was a cracking well bred animal as good as any other and threw quality workers to boot... That's why I asked how Holly was bred
  5. I hear you Sid, regarding the terrier section. Joe would definitely have known and mixed with good white dog men here, so chances are he would have gotten white terriers via Joe and as you say he spent many a wkd digging over here... With good men besides Joe, who kept white dogs...I heard he got terriers off them. Twould be interesting to hear about it... As I said earlier white working terriers have crossed the sea in both directions amongst genuine men playing their part in keeping working lines up to standard. And long may it continue...no matter atb!
  6. I understand you're not interested and that's fair enough, I'm interested and others may be too... It's part of history and a valid question. He certainly had dealings with enough decent terriermen from Ireland and I for one heard he did
  7. Can anyone ask KG, did he get white terriers from Ireland, via Irish friends living in the UK or otherwise ?
  8. SE is one man??? Are you seriously mentioning the white terrier scene in Ireland in relation to one man!? Who wouldn't be renowned for them throughout the island anyway, not that I know of. (If I am thinking of the right man). I could list off initials of men you would know nothing about... How could you it's not written in any books. You mention Kg, where do you think he may have gotten some of his white terriers from? He certainly had the opportunity to. Not all of history can be gotten from books. As for plumber's rubbish you're welcome to em...lol. That's all I'm going to say on the subjec
  9. I only ever read Plummer talking about white dogs from Ireland being the foundation of whatever mens stuff in the UK, but am not doubting he said the reverse also. I see Brian Nuttal mention that the Irish white dogs came from JP originally, a bit of bull was added and some made their way back to TD & RD etc etc. Just because Nuttal or Plummer states otherwise doesn't make it so. There was white working terriers in Ireland as far back as anywhere else... Working terriers of all types have always crossed the water in both directions. And long may it last amongst genuine terriermen. One or
  10. The bitch the young lad had that did produce pups out of him, was she quality - working and breeding wise? If so, please God the line will continue in some form....
  11. It's very much the same over here.... Vermin needs controlling for very good reasons!!
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