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  1. Great result... Looks like brilliant craic. Some service to the farmer! Well done all...?
  2. Sounds like you've a fair idea of things as is Steve. Reckon you need 2 lifetimes to get a proper grasp of line breeding... Just when you think you've cracked it, you're thrown a curve ball. I don't care who you are, no-one is an expert! I've been around and dug with some of the greats. And although great terriermen, they made mistakes and didn't get it right just like everyone else. I agree all good dog men have to be obsessed and live for terrierwork. What I would say is and this is just my opinion and like everyone else I'm no expert. You need to know the breeding behind your line, the good
  3. Done that too... Again mixed results over several litters! In conjunction with and without the Eurican ....
  4. Both myself and my buddy used it and got mixed results across several litters... It by no means guarantees a healthy litter. On the whole I'd agree it's worth a try just don't get your hopes up...
  5. They reckon it's canine herpes. A pal who keeps a very decent line and knows his dogs won't breed off an old stud. He believes they won't produce sound, strong, quality pups. Not sure do I agree. I've asked several huntsmen.. none agree with him. Any thoughts?
  6. That's a fair point.. you're right, if he bred litters solely for the right reasons ie. Improving/maintaining a working line then of course there's a big difference than simply churning out pups for money. Point taken in that regard. I don't know the man or the line...
  7. By the sounds of things AC is a gent and his terriers seem to have a v good name. But correct me if I'm wrong, did he not get his terriers from someone else originally and sold pups, more than likely quoting the original breeding as he did. And all this time did he not use outcrosses along the way... So are they still pure AC terriers? & If he never used any outcrosses are they not pure original owners terriers?
  8. Totally agree, there is no excuse for cruelty and law breaking... That's not my point!
  9. 2 wrongs don't make a right! Use your head and think outside the box... And if you still feel the same say it to your mate down the pub but shut the f@ck up on the net and stop helping the antis in their plight to finish hunting... You strike me as no fool but you most certainly are acting like one! If you've nothing good to say say nothing! ... I'll say no more on the subject
  10. There's good and bad in all walks of life.... I'm not happy with them idiots but united we stand regardless of how we've been treated in the past we stay united for the greater good... What about all the hunts who do abide by the law you've done them or any of us no favor with your I'll thought out flippant comments! Cop on and think before making a fool of yourself and others! Plenty of numpties in the terrier world too...
  11. Why don't you keep what you know to yourself ya clown, instead of announcing it to the world... You're not helping anyone!
  12. Have to say Scarface, I've always found the opposite ... Couldn't ask for better people to be amongst! Honest, genuine, decent lads.... Who would never see you stuck. Dogs are only ever gifted ... Best of luck with the pup!
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