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  1. Evening Phil, that’s the type I found I liked to work with the most. Cracking ferret in fine fettle. that type round here is rare to see these days, all the best
  2. My ferret hutch is mounted on the wall of the dog run,they get some morning sun and shade in the afternoon. The run does have a full roof to protect from the elements, good ventilation so all in all that seems to work for me.
  3. Breay If your the bacon man? Then yes you have mate. membership card arrived thank you. I’ll find you at the show and have a chat.
  4. Breay Ive Just rejoined a while ago, it’s been a long time! last meeting I went to John b was the rep for the west Mids. And that’s many years ago as many of the men that were there and possibly on here would remember. I know John went on to become an author, I’ve not read the book so can’t comment. That may jog a few memories!! wondering if Gordon is still at it ? so I’m giving the club another go as we had some great times and some eventful meetings in those days! Happy Days. See you at the show
  5. Hi mate, what age are they where abouts are you and what price please ? All the best
  6. Hi mate, is it all working fine ? And how much would you like for it ? Is it 8 ft ? All the best
  7. How much mate? If you still have it ? All the best
  8. British blades is down, will take a look on the bushcraft site, Thanks for that All the best
  9. Hi all, I've recently lost my old enzo bushcraft style knife that I've had for 10 years or more. Would anyone know where I can get a second hand one. I've tried the usual places and no joy Thanks in advance
  10. In my opinion mate, and it's just an opinion I've found over the years that excitement causes this, put some game in front of the dog and get her working plenty if you can. Once they get the idea that retrieving leads to more catches they normally settle down and even with a lack of training will still drop em at your feet and be looking for the next run. Worse case just ignore her she'll come when your walking away from her. Obviously breed type and bonding, fitness etc all plays a part. Just how things have panned out over the years for me and the few I've hunted with. All the be
  11. I'll see if can dig the info out, failing that I'll get on to the man I got her from. Sorry the memory isn't perfectly clear and I like to be correct in my statements All the best
  12. Thanks mate, Didn't quite follow all your post. she's only three and half so this season we'll really see what she's made of! Would you like me to enquire if there's any about off the lad I got her off ? You never know . All the best
  13. Morning Yes mate both parents are 100% grafting, She came from a trusted source, I was happy to take the pup and apart from lacking finesse on rabbits she's turned out great for me
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