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  1. Don't bother setting it they are a waste of time!! You'd catch 10x more foxes if you set a couple of good snares up!
  2. Just a little tip don't make the ladder on the trap any lower than 4ft, crows will hop out all day long if it's lower than that!
  3. Or Using rail traps, using a larch log big enough to hold a trap cut a notch out about a inch deep and 6 wide to fit the trap in snug and put a wire cage on top.. Catch a lot of stoats, weasels and squirrels in these but have had a few mink!
  4. We've had a lot of succes setting mk6s tunnels up baited with rabbit on the top of rriver banks or in roots on the waters edge, but keep an eye on the weather! Make sure they don't get washed away! Good luck!
  5. I've got 24 grey partridge eggs in the incubator ATM, heard a lot of people saying you get poor hatch rates because of the postal system and etc but fingers crossed a few should hatch!!
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