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  1. any shows on in ireland soon,leave the dates if ye can!!!sound
  2. when do ferrets normally come in heat
  3. any body got any pictures of longnets with hazel pegs on them
  4. how do you attach hazel pegs to the longnet and so it wont get tangled when rolling it up all comments appreciated
  5. whats the best bait for rats!!!please leave your comments
  6. how do you attach hazel pegs onto the longnet
  7. ferret for sale,small pollcat doe,around 15 months old,hunting,suitable for breeding,leave me a comment if interested and ill get back to ya---munster area
  8. i have a fox trap,about 6ft long 2ft wide, the trap door is on the side.i have set it out in my feilds and failed to catch anything.i have used different bait but still deosnt work!!any body no whats the best bait for foxes or have any tips for me in setting it!!!
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