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  1. Great pic What sort of temperature do you run yours at??
  2. Heat lamps mate. Keeps everything nice and dry and the dogs warm.
  3. I would stick to the OEM specification or a reputable companies website. A lot of these spec sheets and comparitive grade sheets do loose things or get confused during cross refrencing.
  4. The Nissans have different engines fitted dependant on age of the vehicle, one does have more oil in it than the other. As for over filling your engine your on a road to trouble. and if your vehicle is under warranty it will invalidate it. For future reference fella's http://www.castrol.co.uk/castrol/sectionge...ntentId=7027192 stick to this stuff better than the others
  5. You need to get out more!! And it was taken in Canada.
  6. Leon


    It is much better than being miserable, or worse no dogs and no hunting . Think I could put up with the miserable bit. The only thing there wasn't was kids but all the rest of the ties were there, but worth all the hassle to keep hunting.
  7. Leon


    Oh thats sad to hear Not for me it is'nt I haven't been this happy for a few years. The only people regretting it are the dog's cause they are getting hammered now.
  8. Leon


    What cracking timing this post has... I have just split up with my partner of eight years as she was fed up of me going out killing stuff, she turned into an anti overnight. I was given the "it's me or the dog's ultimatum" well the dog's are still here!!! Regards A happy single hunter
  9. LED's are the way to go Ditch, I use a head torch.... does away with the need for a sling and whenever I look at something the light does to. Mine has a 30 meter main and three dimmer settings for close work and the batteries last for over a 100 hours. Attic spaces are real easy with these and more hygenic to cause you don't have to touch it to point it where you want when handling poisons. Just a thought Leon
  10. Right lets see who's up on there bug i.d's, what is it?????
  11. Leon

    Fancy a snack.

    Aha! A man almost exactly after my own heart! (Ok; I can't really do the Toast as it makes my gums sore) But fancy you too stipulating it Has to be " Plenty of Black pepper "! (See my own post, somewhere above) Let's face it; That white shit's f*cking useless! Ever ventured into the realms of a crafty dash of Worsestershire Sauce, Witton? Has to have the worcester sauce added during the frying of the egg to make sure the taste is right
  12. Also called nisamox. But I use clavamox does for all sorts will sort out real nasties.
  13. A mates dog was not as lucky as yours, he run a fox pre-ban and seemed to just clip the corner of a wall he caught and dispatched his fox and on the way back to the motor fell over and was dead within minutes. He showed no abnormal signs untill he collapsed. Its allways the good ones, cause they are the ones trying.
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