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  1. Usually it's from a hole in any part of the respiratory system can be caused by shot puncturing the lung or trachea but any trauma would do it nothing would prevent it its just one of those things
  2. It had subcutaneous emphysema you can let the air out with a needle but I think you where right to dispatch
  3. Ohh ok there statement is wrong they just made it up! Dan simple fact is once you have the experience and we both know you don't you will realise that the caliber of gun you use is irrelevant no one is the best you can claim it's awesome and Alsone can post YouTube vids but those of use that get out there and put foxy to sleep every day can see it for what it is.the 250 has its place 300yds +it has an advantage over the .223 but sub 300 nah it's all snot and nonsense is it the best over 300yd gun no way so where does that leave us well it's a compromise as all calibres are is it the best for f
  4. Factory or reload makes no difference the data speaks volumes as does hornadys statement on their website that their .223 53gr super performance Matches a 250 Quote from website- 223 Remington at 3,465 feet per second pushing 53 gr V-MAX bullet that has been optimized for peak performance from the 223 Remington chamber. This new bullet boasts an amazing .290 BC that enables this load to produce trajectory and wind drift equaling that of a conventional 22-250!
  5. So Dan I have hornadys reloading book here using there maximum loads If zeroed at 200yds .223 40gr 3800fps .22-250 40gr 4100fps @ 300 yds the difference in drop is 0.9" .223 50gr 3400fps .22-250 50gr 3800 fps @ 300yds the difference in drop is 1.5" To gain these small advantages means burning at least 10grs of powder or to be precise some 50% more than the .223 in the real world there is no advantage over the .223 at low range With the .223 recoil is minimal noise is minimised and barrel wear is negligible and as is demonstrated only marginally lacking in ability
  6. Quite simply any advantage a 250 may have is outweighed by the increase in noise recoil barrel wear and ammunition cost anyone who has real world experience knows that the majority of fox are shot sub 250 yds so any ballistic advantage is minimal but then if your only experience comes from looking on the internet I guess the 250 looks impressive
  7. only lads I would even consider now are from keeping family's I gaurentee there will be kids on that course haven't beat a day let alone out else and they want a job keepering lol makes me laugh some of the muppets colleges take in these courses ask any lad from sparsholt how many in there class made keepers and the usual answer is about three fact is they weren't no good for f**k all else so stick them on a keepering course to make up the numbers.
  8. Bet within a week you regret taking one on I've had 3 f**k me NEVER EVER again can't trust them to do f**k all got to hold there hand for everything so might as well do it myself be done faster and correctly no so bad when you have under keepers you can palm them off onto but singlehanded HELL NO ain't time to think for myself let alone some hanger on
  9. This should be interesting alsone given born hunter is a physicist I would be shocked if he needed lessons in ballistics from you
  10. Fixed that for you What you need to understand Dan, mate, is that I'm taking notes on the other thread ready for my trip down to Dorset very soon. It'll be lush. LOLZ
  11. Folks that say "what you need to understand"aye I understand well enough your talking bollocks
  12. People that use the word "lush" and aren't talking about grass complete f***ing nobbers
  13. No the egg colour makes no difference and as a generalisation blue pheasant eggs don't hatch.
  14. It's an picture posting social network type app you download. You 'follow' people and any pictures they post are shown in your feed. Loads of Hunting and shooting from all over the world. Keepers, deer managers, African PHs, Alaskan trappers, professional bow hunters etc etc. f**k sake, I'm gonna get rinsed for this now aren't I..... Ahh like pictures of folks doing a handstand???
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