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  1. Stevenstone Hunt Terrier and Lurcher show, Sunday 9th July at the kennels EX38 8JD.
  2. Ask cargol about a place we done to one of his last season , he will call it far from lovely lol
  3. Sunday 10th July at the kennels, judging starts at 1.30pm. Hope some of you can make it.
  4. I got it mate if you want to have a look at it when I see you, happy birthday.
  5. RH, do you get any movement on the join in your two piece when you're using it?
  6. Sounds like you had some sport and laughs, great thread treehands.
  7. I have a shovel ttv made me, they are ideal and he done good job with the tread plate, saves the boots.
  8. Rip, first household name of rugby.
  9. Painter as far as I'm aware the national farmers union sat on the fence when the law was going through that's why livestock isn't in the terrier part, where as some of the shooting organisation Pushed for the protection of game.
  10. Yes still on, the forecast I seen only says light rain early on. Hope you can make it.
  11. Stevenstone hunt Devon terrier and lurcher show, Sunday 12th July 1.30pm start at the kennels.
  12. Sounds like he led a good life .RIP Tommy
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