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  1. I mean which ever pup I like the most mate. Which ever pup stands out the most
  2. Whats your preference lads? Iv just put my Bitch in Pup and I'm going to keep the best pup, whether it be a dog or Bitch. Just wondered what your preference is and why.
  3. Not at all Bill. Between myself and some lads at the time I had a few dogs in to try out on the ground work side of things and none of them impressed me. I had several of the lads that were meant to have good dogs at the time for days out and again none of them impressed me. Like I said they will get you by. And suit most lads that are only out once a week bushing a few hedges. Iv never slagged the breed off but I know full well that dog I had has gone over several bitches and no doubt been hailed as an amazing earth dog by the plummer fanatics. The truth is Bill he was average at
  4. Like the Russell's of the world now a plummer that grafts below ground is the exception rather then the rule. I had a nice looking dog. Strong enough and would get you by with fox work but he was inconsistent and average at best. If your wanting something to Bush the hedges and rat with. And maybe bolt the odd fox then they are grand little dogs. But make no mistake it won't do anything your average Russel won't do.
  5. Nice that mate. How do you find them?
  6. Crackers them mate. Iv been offered a pup (8 month old) off a mate. Iv seen the mother go several times and I like her alot. Mother works out ruffly at 3/8th 5/8ths stands about 23" He put a first cross whippet Greyhound over her that stands about 24" Pup is a nice. Just wanted to see if many lads had worked them as iv not seen any bred that way. Thanks for the reply mate
  7. View Advert Swazi Tahr 2XL My Swazi Tahr is on eBay ending Friday. Advertiser Cargol Date 14/12/17 Price £180.00 Category Clothing and Footwear  
  8. Iv a bitch here that will stand for 2-3 weeks whilst in season. Absolute slag. Mated her to early last time because of it.
  9. Some of our country you can pull off the road at half 11 and not cross another one again. There is days you could manage on a truck but not many.
  10. Only problem I had with the king quad is it seems to eat batteries. Had to make sure I disconnected the battery if I wasn't using it for a week or so.
  11. I had a king quad 700 and I rated it mate. HONDA'S aren't the bullet proof bikes anymore like they used to be. Iv found the later models to be lacking.
  12. Ask cargol about a place we done to one of his last season , he will call it far from lovely lol Lol. All a piece of cake down here mate. If you listen to the hunting life massive that is.
  13. You boys stay out of Cornwall! There isn't many terrier lads down here and that's the way we want it to stay! Lol
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