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  1. word of advice joe.... as you know theres a few of us on here who are tight, dont need to mention names !!! and people like that are hard to come by "life long friends".. keep the permission to yourself and only invite mates who you know if you need the company... theres too many shit heads out there who would stab you in the back..
  2. ill be honest, i only had a quick look through it as we were busy with other stuff.. as it didnt have an illuminator of any type is was useless looking across the field, but i had a look through it across the motor way as it was impressive, im looking forward to see what it can do with a laser or lamp and ir filter.. call geoff and pick his brains, if he doesnt answer he will call you back...
  3. i was with geoff last night & he has got available a very affordable digital add-on, about the £300 mark for unit & scope adapter.. i had a look through it & was impressed, even without an illuminator, definately worth having a look at..
  4. youre right steve, a very good day was had, cheers for the day out, just a shame about all the youngens getting through the nets, mind you, they ended up getting it in the end.. also had a good few digs, actually jack had a god few digs !! just a few shots ...
  5. how could you steve !! fair play... & no more peanut butter left in the traps, looks like more to come..
  6. good luck ! but i reckon you have as much hope as bob hope...
  7. richie


    have a look at the spam on the national ferreters register members list, members between 79 to 1364 are all spam advertising.. the biggest joke is that clown who runs the site has`nt done f all about it... http://www.ferreting.org.uk/forum/memberli...SC&start=50
  8. cheers for the comments, i ended up taking -/+ shots to get these two that i was happy with..
  9. took these early this morning, still trying to get the right shot, more happier with these than the other one i posted last week.. with the top one i managed to get the blade of grass in aswell, and with the bottom one i managed to get more of a reflection inside.. early days, but ill have it sussed soon..
  10. why dont you remove the food from the bird feeder untill you catch the squirrel ?
  11. cheers, it amazes me what can be seen in a drop.. it was only 1mm wide..
  12. im glad you like them.... not as good as alistairs, but im getting there, im meeting up with him in the next few weeks.. that place you put me onto has inspired me.. the only problem with the lens i have is it has no focus, just magnification, the down side been if i want to focus stack i have to get the different images in focus by moving the lens further or closer by hand, i reckon i would get better shots with 100mm macro, atleast then the lens could stay in the same position but the focus could be changed to get different shots to stack.
  13. cheers, the last one is my favourite aswell, i like the reflection in it...
  14. no, its posts like yours that show outsiders that there's a major case of immaturity on here... the comments you made are engineered to get peoples backs up... "quote" English arseholes ! ?? get a better dog ? by the last comment you made shows your true mentality ! get a better dog, grow up..
  15. and what law is that ? my 17 is cleared for fox, but been responsible i wouldnt try to hit a fox over 100yards, id use a .223 for that..
  16. dont think im fishing for comments, but looking back at the photo, its not the look i was after.. it was taken indoors with poor lighting, etc etc... going to work on a better shots..
  17. i should of taken more time really to get a nice colour background, but im just testing the water with the lens for now...
  18. i have a remmy 700 in .223 with a 1:12 twist, i put 55grns through it with no problems, couldnt be happier..
  19. cheers for today steve... good to get out a meet up again, once again, good to see jack.. big softie ! the derelict house the final bag, steve and alix...
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