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  1. JoeD

    Kangaroo Dogs

    i can see the dvd now....hogs,dogs n wallabiies Good one we should make the filim be a hit on here Live not far, walk the place quite often and have a mate who is a keeper there, shit loads of rabbits, wallabies and maras roam the downs but no hogs unfortunately unless a warthog escapes!
  2. JoeD

    Lure Plans?

    I can't find this thread mate.
  3. JoeD

    Lure Plans?

    I am just wondering if anyone has any plans for lures? I have looked at buying one and they are so expensive so would like to have a go at making one myself. Any help appreciated. JoeD
  4. Someone I know sold a 50p piece for a £1 + postage and I remember someone selling a bag of air once as well.
  5. JoeD

    A Good Game Pie

    Venison, pheasant, hare and rabbit, if I am lucky a bit of boar. Thats it with a bit of salt and pepper, a splash of red wine, and a good pastry Well when I do a game pie, I found the best tactic is to be simple. Never use pigeon and as said before I think partridge is too good for a mix! I use venison, pheasant, hare and rabbit and if I am lucky to get hold of some then some boar. I cook it like this. Melt some butter in a large frying pan/saucepan, add a few chopped shallots and season this with a couple of sprigs of rosemary and a few juniper berries, and just let this cook a bit (about a minute if that!) add the meat diced up, I normally stagger it so venison 1st, then the hare, then rabbit. Let all this brown making sure that it doesn't stick. Add a glass of port or red wine, make sure it's a decent one, if you wouldn't drink it don't cook with it! Let this cook for about 15/20 minutes stirring every now and then so not to let anything stick then top up with a splash of water, season with a bit more salt and pepper, and simmer for a few minutes Take of the hob and let it sit off the heat for about 10 minutes to let all the juices soak into the meats, and the flavours infuse and then add the mix into the pie dish and place pastry on top make a slit in the middle, brush with a beaten egg and place into a preheated oven at about gas mark 5/6 and let it cook for about 30/40 minutes. Always works for me.
  6. JoeD

    Sloe Gin

    Don,t forget to prick the sloes,I freeze mine overnight,or pick after first frost,works just as well with damson's,prick each one down the side with a fork, You are spot on matey, I forgot to say, I freeze my sloes and then defrost them before using too I always seem to have better luck when they are still frozen.
  7. I have been asked by the head of estates at my workplace if I could find someone to flush foxes to his gun, we have a lot of livestock and are having no luck with controlling the numbers of the foxes on the land, we are shooting a lot and nothing seems to dent the population. If anyone is interested them PM me. JoeD
  8. So been making cider for a few years now...but this years apples are the best I have seen! Got so much cider not sure what to do with it so have added last years sloes into one batch, and blackberries into another, think it is going to be a good batch this year. Hows everyone elses cider coming on? JoeD
  9. Still have ferrets, boxes and hutches. £150 for the lot.
  10. Reluctant sale but have to sell up: 3 ferrets all proven workers 2 jills and a hob, numerous purse nets, game bag, billhook, mk3 locator and 2 collars, 3 hutches a double bowback box and a single box, a bag of bedding and ferret food and a bottle of medicine to bring jills out of season (worth £50 alone). Will except sensible offers, I am based near Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire Price ideally around £350
  11. JoeD

    Dog And Cat Laws

    My other half (works in animal care) had to go on a dog law seminar and if a dog attacks a human your in the pooper but cats are technically classed as knowones property and you cannot in a court of law get prosecuted for killing a cat, via dog, gun, trap or any other method. But the second you tell anyone that your dog will get set on an animal then the people can say that they where threatened by your dog and that you have told them your dog can be dangerous. Stupid laws and all that.
  12. My work has a disused orchard that they have given me permission to do as I please with and have thought about bees has anyone got and simple plans that I could borrow as I don't like buying if I can build myself.
  13. JoeD

    Need A Bit Of Help.

    Haha was helpful advice! and to everyone else, cheers I will get them lopped off then