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  1. IMO if their too cheap anyone can get them on impulse. I sold mine at £5 all the same and had a few dodgy folk wanting them as pets thinking they were like hamsters or rabbits and they ate muesli shite not meat. Did my nut trying to explain told them to do their research then think about getting one. Also a lot of folk who keep them in their house :sick: I love ma ferrets but never ever ever will they get in my house :laugh: Most expensive i seen was £300 for an angora ferret
  2. Arite mate you still looking to go ferreting saw your post from ages ago. I dont have alot of permission but could work something out like. Where in montrose you got land do you live in aberdeenshire?

  3. how many dog pups is there mate?
  4. You got any pics of the parents mate?
  5. Got one of this years that's exactly the same the sooner you get her out the better mate!
  6. As Stubby said you can legally do it withing 15ft over the fence of your permission. If worst comes to worst then just plead ignorance that's what I do. 'Sorry officer I thought I was allowed on this land...fancy letting me carry on and I'll give you a rabbit or two?' lol. ATB Jordan
  7. Fish hunter is definantly better than a barnett the flatbands can put out 13 pounds per foot of power. Takes a bit of getting used to especially if you're used to a wrist brace but afterwards its easy. ATB Jordan
  8. I usually carry mine with me it's a good way to come home with something after a walk with the dog. I use a 'fishhunter' one of the wooden ones with the flatbands that fishfish on here makes. They are quality can knock a maggie dead out of a tree at about 30 yards +! Best I've ever used. The barnett ones are childsplay in comparison. ATB Jordan
  9. Some of these are f*****g horrid lol. Mines probably either when I broke several ribs, coxix (sp) and hair line fractured my back. Was in P.e in school doin gymnastics doing flips off of a trampete over a horse and I messed up and landed on the solid floor at some weird angle and passed out from the pain. Or when I was 7 and was playing football on concrete and some lad tripped me and I landed smack bang on my face smashing my front two teeth to bits. For the next 4 years after that I kept breaking them more and more (the caps and little bits of the actual tooth) bit by bit playing rugby and fighting etc. Iv managed to have a pair of the caps on now for 3 years without breaking them! Thats a record.
  10. Thats unfortunate mate. Mine and my gf's do the exact same thing but people just complain to me not the police thank feck lol. There nice dogs mate what's in the tan and white bull? ATB Jordan
  11. i have a presa Can you give any more info on this new dda act and when it will be introduced as this is the first i have heard of this thanks Someone I know of got a letter through the door warning them about the act. But his dog is under very good control and if yours is the same then I doubt there will be a problem. By the sounds its not 100% but its a serious contender for the dda shouldnt affect you if you already have one though. It wont be introduced until 2011. Thats all I know.
  12. Yeah I heard about that its a load of utter shite. The government are going to release a new dangerous dogs act (2011) Im not sure if staffs are involved but I know for a fact that the Presa canario is. I dont get it they dont have to completely ban the breed in 20 years all we'll have are labradors and lap dogs if this is how its going!
  13. Gutted for you mate. That was a great thread and a gorgeous bird RIP Stella. ATB Jordan
  14. I have a funny feeling that some dirt gone in the speaker bit and blocked something but I cleaned it up and it works fine now.
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