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  1. I bought 4 of these yesterday, so much cheaper than proper hide poles and look much stronger aswell, I bought 4 hide poles for £40 last year and snapped 2 of them just putting them into the ground!!
  2. I looked at the general licences and no it isn't
  3. We shouldn't film birds being killed? You are on the video section of a hunting forum get a grip
  4. Thanks we caught about a dozen in the end
  5. Not great but thought we would put it up! It is the first video in a while but we should have a video up soon of the annual rough shoot, and squirrel shooting after that..subsrcibe to see more!
  6. How do you make the pigeon hotpot!?!?!
  7. RM2508 The name of the section says.......Wildlife and General Photography-Discuss wildlife sightings and topics from mammals to birds..including photography . Well it is good to know that it was probably magpies then because atleast I can say I got some revenge! I still have some suspicions of a mink hanging around though as there is just almost no small water fowl life, just the odd coot, duck and those bloody canadas! Does anyone know of what other signs I could look for as evidence of mink? Because although I cant see or trap them I am sure there must be one hanging around, and a female with young were spotted just half a mile away last summer.... Thankyou
  8. Well ive had 3 fenns down around the lake for almost a week now and I have caught nothing, caught 7 magpies is the larson trap by the lake though so thats something! lab-tastic I didnt know coots killed ducklings, ive heard rumours of moorhens doing so but never knew whether to believe it...
  9. Definately not a squirrel, no way of them getting to the island..I havent seen any rats about there either, what do people think of mink? Any signs of birds killed or any fish eaten?. If not then i'm still going with crow The lake isnt stocked with fish but thought it may be a mink as I have not been seeing the usual amount of birdlife on the lake recently, there seem to be alot less coots, moorhens and duck! I did find feathers and remains of a coot and tufted duck on the side of the lake though this could have been a fox as apposed to mink, I also found a dead mallard duckling of about a week old floating in the lake but it didnt have any signs of being killed by a mink or fox. I have never actually seen a mink here though one with yound was spotted last summer less than a mile away. The only reason I thought that it wouldnt be a crow was that the egg shells were right underneath low hanging brambles and I would have thought a crow would feel safer eating them out in the open, where it could fly off should danger arise but I dont know.
  10. Definately not a squirrel, no way of them getting to the island..I havent seen any rats about there either, what do people think of mink?
  11. I found 4 tufted duck eggs on the island of a small lake today which had been predated, they were spread across an area underneath a low bush on the island and no nest was visable. Each egg had a whole of on one side where presuably the contents had been sucked out. Now as it was on an island it couldnt be a fox, so I suspect either a crow or mink...any ideas? Thanks
  12. Just started making some shooting videos, will be uploading alot more over the summer, here is the link to a rough shooting video. Enjoy...
  13. Is £58 for a box of 250 20 bore game cartridges (28g 6) a good deal or can i get them cheaper elswhere? thanks
  14. Over the last few days i have seen a pair of carrion crows on my shoot a couple of times, one of which though has partly white wings and a tail, i have never seen this before with corws although i have seen it a couple of times on blackbirds. So how rare is this and has anyone else seen a crow like this?
  15. Thanks, i am going to take it back tomorrow,there is a three month warranty on it thankfully! And it was bought second hand
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