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  1. why guest are you following me around the forums ive just managed to get your ip address but why are you following me?
  2. NFU mutual are good for me ive got everything with them found them really helpful, they even do third party insurance for all you shooting, do not use lancaster they are rubbish its sounds a good deal but if ever you need to claim, take my advice stay well clear
  3. Got a call from a farmer friend today to ask if i would come over and take away some foxes that had been shot and hung on one of his fences, to say he was angry is a understatment so much so he is going to refuse the person/s in question permision in future and i have to agree I dont understand that kind of thing, I always take any kills away with me, What do the rest of you do with charlie after hes been shot ? and whats your thoughts on hanging them on a fence cheers all Moosedog
  4. I go in to my hen house / barn in the dark with a torch and block all the holes in the walls up, then leave it for about 10 mins open the barn door up let the patterdales in and switch the light on, all i can say is its carnage the poultry and fowl know the score now and you can see them all move out of the way of the terriers I swear they enjoy the hunt lol
  5. well done guys good on ya both atvb moosedog
  6. no prob mate ive heard nothing yet but ill let you know if i get anything atb moosedog
  7. Is it just me or are the windage and elevation caps total sh$t on these scopes mine got 3 poxy grub screws on each one that lets you set the caps back to Zero and they are just begging to break and why can you not really lock the scope to Zero all my other scopes had a hex key to lock the caps down or some other device even my other nikko stirling scopes had this you can only push the caps down, there dosent seem to be any way to lock them down it will be interesting to here other peoples views atb Moosedog
  8. Im in Cumbria and the Police who know me came to see me today to tell me to keep a eye on my dogs as there on the trail of some guys in a transit van stealing working dogs, they went thieving on bank holiday Monday and the some one caught them stealing so they hit the guy with a hammer now i know this is going to start a torent of abuse but they are gypsies or Travellers and im sorry but its a fact
  9. hi Ritchie you always seem to come up trumps when I post a nightvision question, is it as good as the cobra merlin as they are about the same price, i need to see out to about 100 yards Thanks again Moosedog
  10. Hi guys has anyone bought anything of Nightvision Supplies Limited recently Ive just been on there website looking for a night vision add on and noticed that they said they were bringing a digital add on out but it says it will be ready early 2007 so I guess the web page hasnt been updated, i have emailed them so will wait for there reply but I just wondered if anyone on here had bought one of there digital add ons from them and if so what is it like. cheers moosedog
  11. Thanks Logic They are never more than 50 yards away and i agree this topic comes up all the time but my original topic was has any one used Extra High volocity ammo so please dont blame me LOL atb
  12. Reason i was asking is that sometimes when Im out on the farm with the 22 rimfire I come across a Fox or two and Ive never took a shot with the Subsonics even though the Fox is only 50 so yards away i just dont think there up to it I thought I could keep a clip of these extra high velocity in my pocket and just switch clips. I understand that the bullet drop would be less on this ammo and could compensate for that with the mill dots But if you guys dont rate them Ill leave well alone and go out with the 223, Just like the little rimfire and always seem to have it with me around the farm and thought the xhv would have saved me a bit of time atb Cris
  13. Hi has anyone used extra high velocity Hollowpionts in there 22 rimfire ? and are they any good? thanks guys atb moosedog
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