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  1. F350

    Raw diet

    I feed chicken carcasses and raw its a great diet and keeps the insides healthy but just be aware that to much bone can dry them out and block them up, although this can be solved by adding a little olive oil. what was the vet bills for pirate?
  2. F350

    New Lurcher Lamp Have You Say

    Dont know if its been said already but a big downfall of the striker etc is that they are designed to chunky. you cant just put it down the front of your jacket without looking conspicuous, the old home made ones you made would lie flat against your chest. Not just a problem for getting noticed but easier to carry around.
  3. F350

    Lure Machine

    ok mate, atb with it
  4. F350

    Lure Machine

    got one here mate if you need one
  5. F350


    Thanks for the pics mate and sorry for putting you in that position. Love the look and abilities of some of those Teckels.
  6. F350


    Nice pics Alectoris, any chance of putting a pic of your Teckel up? Do you ever get a problem with them going off on scent as I imagine that there not going to stop if they come across a fresh scent? how about you fat ferret? if they never put that fox to ground when do they stop?
  7. F350

    Terrier Men Of Ireland

    Like he said Neil, lay off the jokes..lol
  8. F350

    Update On Drahthaar .

    Cheers mate, lovely looking specimen. you must be well proud.
  9. F350

    Video Of Some Urban Ratting

    Bribri your notorious mate, nice one...
  10. F350


    Nice to see you got sorted with the dogs woottonsheart, where did you go for them mate?
  11. F350

    Update On Drahthaar .

    She looks fantastic mate, where did she originate from?
  12. F350

    Update On D Lloyds Pup

    Great looking dog that snapshot, love the look of that.
  13. Looked at the website sometime back and I got the impression it wasn't being kept updated. If personal details are sent to someone in this day and age you need to feel sure they are being kept securely, at the same time the more you put out on the internet, the more messers are attracted so its catch 22. Thing is, i think most dog men enjoy being out with the dogs and not ***king about on the internet so I'm sure most of these guys are good at the game.