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  1. Hunter_Mat

    Barbed wire

    Thanks for all the advice everyone.. deffo gonna hold off on the lamp now. one thing I have read though is that if you start your dog in daytime he could hunt up at night? Had him jumping a little 3 foot fence yesterday and he wasn’t touch jumping so hopefully that’ll stick Thanks again lads
  2. Hunter_Mat

    Barbed wire

    Thanks for the replies lads. think I’m gonna stick to just walking him on my permission for now then there’s no rush for me One thing I did think of tho is working on his retrieve close to the fences.. what you guys think to that?
  3. Hunter_Mat

    Barbed wire

    My dogs 11 month old and he knows not to try fit under barb wire that’s too low however I’m thinking about taking him on the lamp soon for the first time and I think he’ll just run straight into it is there any way you lads get your dogs used to working around barbed wire? Any help is appreciated thanks
  4. Hunter_Mat

    Slight limping after playing fetch

    Booked in with Robert tomorrow lads thanks for all your replies
  5. Hunter_Mat

    Slight limping after playing fetch

    No answer from Robert yet, gonna have a look through old threads on here for someone local. Thanks john I appreciate that mate.
  6. Hunter_Mat

    Slight limping after playing fetch

    Thanks for the comments lads. anyone know of a boneman near derby then? I'm actually in burton. John I'm not home right now but I did notice yesterday it was warm to touch.
  7. Just took my dog over the park for a walk and after a few runs of fetch I noticed he was not putting all his weight on one of his back legs/lifting it up whilst running. I put him on his lead and walked him home but he seemed to be walking fine. I've checked his foot but can't find anything wrong with it. Do you guys think I should get I touch with a bone man or road walk him for a few days and see how it goes? Hes 7 months old sal x grey Thanks
  8. Hunter_Mat

    Out in the snow for the first time

    I was surprised he'd like the snow with it being so cold tbh mate! Hes saluki x grey with a tiny bit of collie and whippet in there as far as I know
  9. Hunter_Mat

    Lost Lurcher

    Sorry for your loss monkey
  10. First time seeing snow loving life
  11. Hunter_Mat

    Raw diet

    Sound for the replies lads I've ordered some so I'll see how I get on with it
  12. Hunter_Mat

    Raw diet

    Im thinking of buying some chicken mince with 10-15% bone added. Does anyone have any advice on what sort of things should I be giving my dog with the chicken to make sure he's getting everything he needs ? i want to feed him raw all the time I just don't know what he needs as the minimum. any help appreciated thanks