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  1. I dont come on here any more but was directed by a friend to look in at this ... The collection of traps is varied and many old types are there. The cast iron scissors will date from mid to late 1800s made by the Midlands foundries.The big triangular trap is an Ideal mole trap. The full and half barrels are in very good condition, some are the Enterprise mole traps made by Youngs of Misterton. The scissor traps are made by Lane, Williams, Defiance, Lewis, Roberts and others. Gopher traps include Ampfor, Cinch, Macabee and a couple of Dutch ones that are very old.
  2. I believe they are both mk4's. Teapot was showing them side by side for comparison. Now you mentioned the mk1. There is a nice story behind that one. But you'll have to wait for OTC's book to find out about it. lol Well I'm not telling anyway lol The traps Mr Teapot is showing are two variations of the Mk 4 Vermin trap. The Mk1 trap 'The One' is talking about is the MK1 Rabbit trap not the Mk 1 Vermin trap. The OP was asking about the original Mk2 Vermin trap I believe, which is like neither of the above! And the story that you know about the Mk1 Vermin traps is actually also false, Eddie. One day, hopefully not too far away, you will all see what the real story is, and what traps are what, for once and for all! OTC
  3. You still writing a book ? Books are written, just need to tune up finances to get them done
  4. I would also like to see a photo of the Mk2 trap as I cant find one online either ... can anyone help? OTC
  5. Hi gents, I am not around on here much any more, sorry for the delayed response. I have been a bit busy with a few things. Notwithstanding this, I hope to have my long overdue books out later this year, all being well so you will see how it all is and most things will make sense OTC
  6. That is a fair point you have made ... but ... how is impact force measured? In Newtons you might think? Does DEFRA measure the force generated on firing or the impact/crush point? I had heard that they had something to determine this, but again NE won't answer my question. I am more inclined to believe that they would adhere closer to the AIHTS type requirement for complete death in a stipulated number of seconds. A 40 year old Fenn Mk 4 could have considerably weaker spring than a new 'clone-type' trap - and yet it is still legal, along with a 65 year old Fenn Mk 1 Vermin trap according to the statute ... Until someone is tried under a test case no-one can say for sure what the outcome might be
  7. Despite all of the above the original Fenn patent, and the trap that was originally approved, was made entirely from wire, and no brass tongue, till or otherwise. It was never updated or re-patented. The current Fenn trap bears hardly any resemblance to the original patent drawings or the original traps that were approved. More food for thought ...
  8. I was asked to offer my opinion on this matter, but decided to watch from the sidelines for a while ... but ... it seems it has run far enough now with some odd interpretations being expressed On the Approval Order are several similar design traps based on the original Fenn Mk 4 Vermin Trap. This was patented, yes, but this has long since expired. Also approved are the Solway and Springer traps, both almost identical and both named on the plate with the company name, as is the Fenn, neither of which were patented either, so therefore are really only copies of the original trap, but have been specifically approved by DEFRA. Also on some of the recent approval orders is the 'clone' - since no-one has pushed through a case to suggest otherwise, this is open to interpretation. Some might say that a trap which 'looks' the same is a clone, others might suggest that it must 'perform' the same, but no-one really knows for sure, and the authorities like Natural England will not answer the question. The so-called Chinese imports offered by a whole host of suppliers, usually cheaply, are almost, but not quite, identical in looks. Who could possibly say whether they 'perform' the same? Nowhere is it listed that they must be of the same, quote ...' equal power, dimensions and quality' ... (at least anywhere I have read). Therefore are they clones, or copies, or fakes, or ... ??? Until someone is prosecuted for setting these traps then no-one can say. Selling them and buying them is perfectly within the law. As for the statute, as I said in the first paragraph, only the Fenn, Solway and Springer are specifically named as being approved traps. Patents dont come into it at all. Who will be the one to test the 'clone' theory in a court of law?? Good luck with that ...
  9. 30 X brand new Genuine Talpex, still in sealed boxes £250 posted - PM me OTC
  10. Rez, PM me your email and I will send some photos through OTC
  11. I can get it to North London/Herts if that is easier?
  12. Anyone interested in buying a nice Mk1 Theoben Fenman gas ram .22 please PM me, I will send details OTC
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