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  1. An old cocker bitch my dad keeps has had an ear infection for a few years now. Had all the treatments and now he just cleans it every day and tries to keep it something like. Vet said once they start they are very difficult to get rid of.
  2. I have quail at home thAt I use for training.ill just put the dog on the long line and make it sit while the birds are knocking about on the ground. It's also worth joining a club or starting training with someone so you can get the use of their rabbit pen. I know what a nightmare it can be and a rogue springer can soon ruin a drive when it come the the season
  3. when theres game in there they will hunt it.it will come
  4. thanks for the replys ill follow them up
  5. davepowys ill pm you and loumic do you have any details of the chap from barnsley? ideal as its on my doorstep
  6. hi,looking for a springer bitch pup to work with my other dogs beating,picking up and rough shooting,must be small stamp, dont mind if its black and white or liver and white,must be docked and dew clawed and from good working lines and well worked parents,will wait for right pup but this side of christmas preferred. based in sheffield but will travel for the right dog.
  7. nice stamp of dog,if it had been a bitch we would of come for it this week
  8. just take it and get stuck in, at one point me and my mate were travelling all over beating and im yet to get a real bolloking off a keeper and iv had a few pups do daft stuff,if your unsure just pop lead on her,its always the same story....can you come beating here? its sound but the head keepers a bit of a handfull,sod it. youll be reyt!
  9. i was talking to a bloke round our way a few years back that had a 1st x and said it was a [BANNED TEXT] handfull of a dog.had a few problems with it but never seen the 3/4 cross
  10. we picked one up from a lad in wrexham a few years back,was a decent little fast dog for ferreting and even the odd long ears in the day but it got killed,mikes dogs were strong healthy well priced ped whippets around that time and if i was buying a whippet i wouldnt hesitate in buying one. here she is.
  11. sambo i seen yours tied to a miniture poodle on main street other day....wouldnt mid a pup :/
  12. the fawn dog on the left in my sig pic is saluki grey bull grey,was a handy dog in his day,no world beater but was fast and powerfull and would get stuck in,getting on now and a few health issues, (for the record that was a shot and retrived fox ) and as for feet that dog had feet like a cat,very tight and decent,as suggested above,probably from the saluki blood
  13. top.sky my 4 year old cocker bitch bred by me
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