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  1. Cliff Ray

    New thermal

    So far they look good, but I won't be able to to a proper comparison till after next week.
  2. Cliff Ray

    Parda addon

    If the parallax is adjusted correctly on your scope for the range you are shooting it will make no difference, but if you don't and you also don't mount the 007 squarely to the scope it will have the same issue as moving your head position with just the normal scope.
  3. Cliff Ray

    New thermal

    New thermals are arriving next week built to the same specs as the old Drone...... 50mm and 75mm lens with 384 and 640 sensor options. More details and pricing very soon...
  4. Cliff Ray

    Archer starlight

    Mark, have a look at a dedicated tubed scope with quick release mounts so you can use your existing scopes during the day. Where in Berkshire are you as I will be coming that way soon and can bring something for you to look at.
  5. Cliff Ray


    Timmy, buy two and I will throw in a free pair of leggings and a vest
  6. Cliff Ray


    It's perfect if you have line of sight to your permission. You can check if anything is there before you bother getting out of bed in the morning
  7. Cliff Ray


    Not quite But buy me a pint first and then ask
  8. Cliff Ray


    I can offer a discount to forum members.....
  9. Cliff Ray

    New member to the Forum

    Mainly rabbits in fields
  10. Cliff Ray

    New member to the Forum

    Hi Dan, I am only just across the border in Suffolk, so drop me a line if you fancy meeting up.
  11. Cliff Ray

    A happy ending

    Fortunately he has plenty of money, so well worth suing
  12. Cliff Ray

    A happy ending

    A jokes about known pedo's is fine, but stating one of the divers is one without evidence is disgusting: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-44846945 Let's all show our support by booking Tesla test drives and then saying they don't sound as good a a Land Rover V8
  13. Cliff Ray

    National firearms licensing times

    Also, how are the waiting times for renewals measured? If I put my application in 90 days before the expiry date., I get a call and visit, but the new license only arrives 4 days before my old one expires. Have I waited 84 days, nothing at all or even -4 days?
  14. Cliff Ray

    Anshultz 1417 outing

    I looked at the GRS stocks at IWA and they are really nice......
  15. Cliff Ray

    Night vision ?

    Phil, the good thing is they are SO cheap you can buy two and keep one as a spare
  16. Cliff Ray

    Night vision ?

    Try one of these as a spotter.... http://www.opticalsolutions.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=33_71&product_id=183
  17. Cliff Ray

    IWA and questions

    Does anyone have any pressing questions they want answers to from IWA? If so let me by Thursday and I will try and find out for you. The list of the suppliers at the show can be found here: https://www.iwa.info/en
  18. Cliff Ray

    Sting in the tail

    I tried them many years ago and still have most of them left. They are perfect for when you don't want the aggravation of having to pick up whatever you were aiming at......
  19. I am not saying it would be a good idea, just that you cannot make your statement based on the diameter of the lens.
  20. Why the obsession with the diameter of the lens for your magnification calculation? Yes it makes a load of difference for light gathering and image quality, but the lens diameter does not govern the magnification. Magnification is down to the focal length of the lens and the spacing between the lens and the sensor. It would be perfectly possiblee to make lens of 100mm and 1mm diameter with the same focal length in which case placed at the same distance they would give the same magnification.
  21. Lamp Shy, there isn't a warranty issue regarding water on the ATN scopes provided you don't leave them in a bucket of water. They are warranted for use in the rain. so there is no issue with doing so. Actually the two scopes don't have the same lens size as the ATN is quoted as the focal length rather than the physical diameter. It's a pain for comparison, but lots of optics are quoted that way. As what you are seeing is a 4.5x magnified image that uses all the pixels in the sensor , then that is the non-digitally-zoomed native image. If you want to claim that is a trick then speak to Swarovski, Zeiss etc, since the magnification they quote includes the affect of the the lens closest to the eye.
  22. Woops, forgot to reset the time and date. They are taken just after 9am, but obviously light doesn't make any difference to a thermal scope. The distances are in the file name, but in order they were 206m, 94m, 274m and 471m
  23. Not that I know of in West Scotland, but if you are close to Glasgow you can fly to Southend and I will meet you there for a demo.
  24. This is what I could get in 10 minutes this morning as I have masses to do before heating to the shooing show. It's jerky as I was also using a rangefinder at the same time, plus it was freezing cold and I was on the way to a squash match so really inappropriately dressed. Shot with the an 384 4.5-18x scope, handheld so I didn't get arrested. http://www.opticalsolutions.uk/footage/labrador at 206m.MOV http://www.opticalsolutions.uk/footage/golf at 94m.MOV http://www.opticalsolutions.uk/footage/golf at 274m.MOV http://www.opticalsolutions.uk/footage/golf at 471m.MOV