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  1. Opinions are like bumholes, everyone has one, including you.... "lol" But thanks for your input.....albeit, condescending & unhelpful.
  2. So I went ahead & bought an XM30S, and trialled it the other night. Quite simply I cant fault it! Its tiny, fits in my pocket, and range is excellent to pick up heat sources at great range. Soon as a fox was spotted & it was on it's way in to the call, handheld screen off and into my pocket & on with the Pulsar trail. A great combination. I was out for 3.5 hours, and it still had some juice left in the battery. Mind you I was being careful in turning off the screen when I wasnt using it. Having said that, I'll probably buy another battery, which will give me 6-8 hours us
  3. I hear you mate, but I don't like the Helion models, they're just too big
  4. Thanks for all the replies, it boils down to the smaller Axion handheld for me, and is the slightly larger Amoled viewfinder worth an extra £400 on the XM30S? Specifications as follows; Axion Key XM30 PUL-77425 320x240 12µm 50Hz 2.5x - 10.0x (4.0x) 7.8° 1200m 960x720 LCOS 149x41x69mm Axion XM30S PUL-77423 320x240 12µm 50Hz 4.5x - 18.0x (4.0x) 7.3° 1200m
  5. Heres my summary and opinion of the Pulsar range, which may help others; Axion xm22 entry level and around £850 Axion xm30 around £1150, basic model with no extras Axion xm30S around £1500, same as key but with better HD screen & all the bells & whistles Axion xm38 Discontinued Helion and Accolade have the same specification, however the Helion range are monoculars & the Accolade models are binoculars. In my opinion, Helion models are just too long for a spotter.
  6. Supplementary question, what happened to Axion xm38 models? Looks like they're discontinued. Also, good comparison video here; https://www.ultimatenightvision.com/Pulsar-Axion-XM38-p/pl77422.htm
  7. Does Ian B still frequent this place? I was looking for a number to ask him about any deals he may have.
  8. Isnt the XQ38 quite a long unit? I'm thinking more of a pocket sized unit for spotting. I'm finding this to be a minefield! Lots of conflicting views & advice, I wish there was an objective review for all these units.
  9. Isnt the XP a rifle scope? That's what I've already got the Trail. Found this to be a good summary of Pulsar models which can be confusing; https://www.uttings.co.uk/c1128-thermal-imagers/brand=pulsar/
  10. Cheapest I've seen is £1499, and like you, conflicting reports. I dont want to buy then regret... What model is the dearer one?
  11. View Advert Pulsar Thermal Imaging Scope QR QD Mount, Picatinny Rail Pulsar Thermal Imaging Scope Quick Release, Quick Detatch Mount, for Picatinny Rails. Brilliant for using a thermal night vision scope on different rifles. Collection or postage. *NOW SOLD* Advertiser Lamp_Shy Date 03/07/20 Price Category Scopes and Optics
  12. I'm thinking of buying a handheld thermal spotter, and drawn towards the Pulsar XM30S, selling at £1499 in Scott Country. Anyone used these units, or have any comments or advice on this or any other thermal units. It's mainly for spotting deer and foxes. Thanks
  13. So a few test rounds, at 47Gn, is getting decent groups before I start to fine tune. Ballistic efficiency is around 32%, and muzzle velocity is circa 3100. The load is slightly compressed at 13 All from Quickload. Any comments Dicehorn? I do value your advice.
  14. So I've settled on either Vihtaviouri N140 or N135, the latter is around 100fps faster with a 125Gn BT bullet at max loading. Both are available in my local gun shops. I'm still playing around with Quickload data for both, therefore any advice would be greatly received.
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