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  1. Lamp_Shy

    New REACH Powders - help please

    So a few test rounds, at 47Gn, is getting decent groups before I start to fine tune. Ballistic efficiency is around 32%, and muzzle velocity is circa 3100. The load is slightly compressed at 13 All from Quickload. Any comments Dicehorn? I do value your advice.
  2. Lamp_Shy

    New REACH Powders - help please

    So I've settled on either Vihtaviouri N140 or N135, the latter is around 100fps faster with a 125Gn BT bullet at max loading. Both are available in my local gun shops. I'm still playing around with Quickload data for both, therefore any advice would be greatly received.
  3. Lamp_Shy

    New REACH Powders - help please

    Thank to the above. I've done some more research and the real problem is availability of powders locally. Ramshot looks to be getting decent reports, however its not readily available. Vihtavuori however, seems to be readily available, particularly N133, which gives the following recommended mix for a .308: 125Gn Nosler BT - starting load @ 40.1& max load @ 46.3 with potential speed at the max load of 3120FPS - quite fast for a 308. I haven't run it with the software yet, to check things like ballistic efficiency etc, but so far it looks to be well recommended and readily available. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/?cartridge=30
  4. Lamp_Shy

    New REACH Powders - help please

    Anyone in here anymore?
  5. With some of the reloading powders being phased out under EU REACH guidelines, I'm looking for recommendations for the following configuration: Calibre is .308 and bullet head is 125Gn Nosler ballistic tips. Currently using H414, which will soon be unavailable. I've only got around half a tub left. Anyone got suggestions for a REACH compliant alternative, or better please? REACH Thanks
  6. Lamp_Shy

    Thermal Targets

    Problem with most solutions is, if the bullet strikes the heat source, its trashed! I've found silver tape a bit hit and miss. If its a cold dull day, then the tape doesn't heat up with the sun and remains "grey" - the same as the cardboard or whatever you're using. I've started experimenting with ice cubes, which last longer in winter. I'm thinking a few left in a cool box and use a small freezer bag pinned onto cardboard or similar. Should work in all but ice cold days to give sufficient thermal difference.
  7. Lamp_Shy

    Thermal Targets

    Anyone delved into devising thermal targets? I'm finding it a nightmare, and tried many, many solutions to get a decent image: Ranging from heating up metal, charcoal burner, strips of reflective tape (only works in decent sunlight), etc. Any suggestions for a home made target?
  8. Lamp_Shy

    FAO Ian B

    Please ignore.
  9. Where is that? Shop name would help thanks
  10. Lamp_Shy


    Thermal NV has transformed my shooting. Remember thermal can also be used during the day for spotting, as it works on thermal differences. Brilliant on a cold day out on a hillside.
  11. Lamp_Shy

    Pulsar Trail 50 QR mount

    Thanks Ian, any in stock? And any discounts for us HL types? Cheers
  12. Anyone got / used one of these, thinking of buying one and interested in any feedback on pros & cons. Thanks
  13. Lamp_Shy

    New Photon Doubler

    Just spotted this on youtube, thoughts? Looks decent enough, but some price! https://youtu.be/nPVpL56MUb8
  14. Lamp_Shy

    xq50 thermal scope

    This is from a friends Trail XQ last night. Red Deer in amongst trees just as it was getting dark. Couldnt see them with a Schmidt & bender scope. Sorry about the shakes, wasn't leaning on anything. https://youtu.be/em1OpRluSTQ
  15. Excellent advice! Many thanks.