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  1. Lamp_Shy

    Thermal Targets

    Problem with most solutions is, if the bullet strikes the heat source, its trashed! I've found silver tape a bit hit and miss. If its a cold dull day, then the tape doesn't heat up with the sun and remains "grey" - the same as the cardboard or whatever you're using. I've started experimenting with ice cubes, which last longer in winter. I'm thinking a few left in a cool box and use a small freezer bag pinned onto cardboard or similar. Should work in all but ice cold days to give sufficient thermal difference.
  2. Lamp_Shy

    Thermal Targets

    Anyone delved into devising thermal targets? I'm finding it a nightmare, and tried many, many solutions to get a decent image: Ranging from heating up metal, charcoal burner, strips of reflective tape (only works in decent sunlight), etc. Any suggestions for a home made target?
  3. Lamp_Shy

    FAO Ian B

    Please ignore.
  4. Where is that? Shop name would help thanks
  5. Lamp_Shy


    Thermal NV has transformed my shooting. Remember thermal can also be used during the day for spotting, as it works on thermal differences. Brilliant on a cold day out on a hillside.
  6. Lamp_Shy

    Pulsar Trail 50 QR mount

    Thanks Ian, any in stock? And any discounts for us HL types? Cheers
  7. Anyone got / used one of these, thinking of buying one and interested in any feedback on pros & cons. Thanks
  8. Lamp_Shy

    New Photon Doubler

    Just spotted this on youtube, thoughts? Looks decent enough, but some price! https://youtu.be/nPVpL56MUb8
  9. Lamp_Shy

    xq50 thermal scope

    This is from a friends Trail XQ last night. Red Deer in amongst trees just as it was getting dark. Couldnt see them with a Schmidt & bender scope. Sorry about the shakes, wasn't leaning on anything. https://youtu.be/em1OpRluSTQ
  10. Excellent advice! Many thanks.
  11. Sorry, but "I've been poaching all my life ..... And ... I'm you're worst nightmare" doesn't help your, or anyone elses case. In fact it's a decision maker for me I'm afraid. The landowner wants it disposed of as no permission has been given or requested. He also doesn't want to set a president by ignoring it. Suits me as I don't want folk tramping about the shoot , which I pay a load of cash for, when I'm shooting. I'll take it down & leave a note & see who claims it. If it's legit, no doubt someone will email me, if it's poaching, then it's gone for good. Landowner wanted it trashed, but I'm a bit more reasonable. Anyway, back to my OP regarding the law..... Anyone?
  12. I've tried a few balistic calculators, but never found them very accurate. eg; my new 308 according to well known calculators, using a 180g bullet, would drop around 3" @ 200 Yds, whereas in reality, it drops just 1 1/4".
  13. Think my point is, I pay a lot of money for stalking in this private wood, (it's not FC), & the last thing I want is folk wandering over it to install cameras when I'm out stalking. Not only is it dangerous, it's downright ignorant to assume you can set up a camera in private property. Imagine it was your garden.... Anyway, back to my original question regarding the law on this.....
  14. So I was out this morning in a forestry stalking for Roe (buck), it's literally miles away from civilisation. Right in the heart of the wood, I came upon a Trail cam (not mine!) in a ride I'd cut last year. I opened it up and had a look and there was a few pics on it. No one else shoots in this area. I was tempted to take it down, but unsure of the law on this, does anyone have any idea what the legal implications are? Was thinking of calling BASC later this week and see if they could advise. Any advice would be great.
  15. Lamp_Shy

    Pulsar Trail XQ50 Models

    Continuing the theme, is there any covers for Pulsar units? I can't see any when I google it?