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  1. Orange is not my choice but some people are differnt I want to see the dark blue or silver option
  2. Im looking at getting a huaskan moderator nice light etc but i Fancy something differnt as hausken offer there mods in differnt colours blue,gold orange,red,silver,black I wonder if anyone has one in a differnt colour to see what they look like as pics on there website look differnt to a real pic of one especially the silver or the blue one don't want a black one really Thanks
  3. Yes they do look the same to me too but i rung them there ment to ringing anschutz to find if they have any stock of them
  4. Thanks but dont think they list the one I need going to give them a call and ask as its an older model Annie
  5. Hi all I'm looking for some more magazines for an anschutz 1740 model If anyone knows or how I can still get them new where to order etc If anymore knows of someone with them or has any of them laying around thereself too any info would be great Cheers
  6. Nice job want a cub done myself too next few weeks What's the cost?
  7. Yes i use a 17 fireball myself cracking little centre fire use it for long rabbits at night with night vison But the main problem is the brass you just can't get hold of it no more it's no longer imported into the UK you might be lucky if someone has old stock somewhere but I've asked everywhere in the UK So I simply just form all my fireball brass it's fair few hours of work but if you like loading and know fair bit about loading it can be done spend the money on the equipment needed then away you go, or failing that send me a message I'll be able to help you on some fireball brass if you want it great little round
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies I've found the better the scope lens the more IR you need that's why I already have and use a dragon fly good bit of kit As for going for a dedicated nv I have thought that route but I don't use a moa rail for quick release mounts I've never like the moa rails for looks and extra hight they add me being fuss pot ha Only down side I find to any add on nv is the added length not a major issue could just say my OCD kicks in ha that's why I liked the idea of a longbow set up day and night but I know the day scope will be nothing like I've got now with my s&b and swarovski glass as its desinged for the tube and IR Good plus point can have nv on any rifle just by buying another day scope if you can get hold of one Thanks
  9. Hi all does anyone have a archer by starlight nv gen3 add on I could look through?? My issue is I've always had digital add on which are okay but are limited so I want to go down the tube route, I've looked trough longbow set up they are amazing but I want to see how the archer compares to the longbow I know they are not as clear but want to see how true that is Other issue I'm thinking of choosing or going for the longbow set up but but I would have to sell of loose my schimdt and swarovski scopes to do so as if I went for the archer set up I could still have an amazing day scope still and a good nv still I know a longbow out performs a archer but I want to see by how much as I only shoot Fox's no more than 300 yards at night and I know a longbow goes much further than that so I'm thinking I may only need an archer for 300 yards so I'd like to look at one before I go arch or longbow set up Any info or if I could look through on be great thanks
  10. I've got a rcbs charge master best bit of kit I brought for loading yes expensive but well worth the money and only get what you pay for
  11. I would put them in the bin lol go buy yourself a rcbs charge master combo will never go wrong all I ever use for reloading
  12. No but depends on what bullets your going to using with it?? Or you trying to swap it??
  13. Sorry LD sold all the Winchester and hornaday brass this morning was just going to put up sold see your reply
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