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  1. Let sleeping dogs lie revenge is a dish best served cold when he thinks it's all blown over
  2. I'd say youl be glad these people won't be coming to purchase one
  3. I had same here milk in tits the lot real phantom job got her scanned nothing in her
  4. aluminium will tarnish over time polished or not and will crack just as hardened plastic would as said before if at handy money replacing them if they brake won't be a problem
  5. Stop letting her hunt up in day time if your wanting to get her on lamp walk it on to stuff and don't slip it until bunny has jumped make sure she sees em might miss a few but will learn soon enough that something gonna be there without having to find it personally I'd say uouve6done a lot of moving we it off lead to find her own which is good take it she's a young dog is she??
  6. Are you hoping to have them available for this next season???
  7. Soon as it's a discussion forum Neil upon reading posts over the site you do come across as an opinionated cock but hey that's my opinion it all makes good reading none the less
  8. How's that black and tan bread mud ??
  9. The hibernation hunters be waking up soon enough !!!!
  10. They want culling the fekin lot of em don't get me wrong we've all had the odd night, out of season to fetch on young dogs but my way there's tits that go 3-4 nights a week from Easter till August never see em in darkest of nights talk the talk we call one lad the milky doe kid a real un he is boil my piss!! rant over ha ha
  11. Hot water bottle in your old jumper for it to lie on in cage did mine a treat has your scent for security and warmth off bottle be worth a try
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