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  1. Nice mate... i have a .222 and cant fault it ! What moderator you using and how does it fair
  2. Thanks. I have spoken with simon and im waiting for a phone call back . See ive also been told there different
  3. Hi all. I have a .22 sub 12 impact that ive just put onto my fac so all the parts are on there way for it to be made hi power. Quick question do i need another barrel as ive heard the transfer port is bigger on the fac or is it the same on both sub12 and fac. Asi wont tell me for some reason ??
  4. Anyone whos selling a ward d vision 700 please pm me . Cash waiting
  5. Anyone whos selling a ward d vision 700 please pm me . Cash waiting
  6. Any one selling ward d vision 700 please pm me ..
  7. Each to there own. But not for me .. i found the stock uncomfy . . Air arms man i think .. only thing i like on the 100 was the trigger. Used to centrefires and just couldnt get used to the feel of it ...
  8. Had the same problem sold it and got a s510 superlight .. its bin knocked of the bipod . Rattled around in the back of the mule and every zero check has been spot on ! Got the hw100 to see what people where raving about and in my opinion .iv not got a f..king clue lol i hated it
  9. Ya cant change it over its done at the factory . Well thats what hull cart said to me at the show
  10. Cheers lads . I know about tpms and have used them but dont think much to there mince tbh will try landywoods
  11. As above local bloke packing in so need to find a cheap supplier in staffordshire area for .. chicken carcass, necks,wings,tripe n mince
  12. Couple more pics .. would have another of this cross without doubt !
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