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  1. X girlfriend of mine had a 6 month old small mongrel bitch pup.kept finding it playing with dead kittens heads in the garden.couldn't work out what was going on.she rings me in work one day and says that the bitch pup is playing in the back garden with a fox. Told her she was seeing things. Next day she films the fox on her phone coming over the wall with a half eaten kitten and giving it to the mongral pup to play with. Fox was seen nearly every day bringing dead kittens and playing with the pup for about 8 weeks. I wouldn't of believed it only I seen it me self. Fox's 100 percent prey on cat
  2. I've been watching a lot of flapper racing meself lately.and it seems the 7/8ts hound 1/8t whippet seems to be the dog of choice for the job if your misses is serious and wants to be competative at the flapper racing I'd say anything less than 7/8ts And she be wasting her time. Head to any of the shows that has flapper racing at them and you should pick one up.or some one should be able to help you out. There seems to be a lot of this type of dog about. Good luck
  3. i agree with ya tallyboy. to some folk terriers that wont, dont go to ground are worth fook all. and to some folk that like and use a good bushing terrier they are of great value .
  4. in an ideal world the dog should be culled. in the real world , its thanks for the 800 . hard to turn down that sort of money when its offerd to ya,
  5. good show yesterday. fair play to the owner of the qualifer for the master mcgrath agreeing to re run the heat after a few dogs ran out the track. decent man imo. i hope the dog goes on to do well for him.
  6. looking forward to this one always a well organised show.
  7. what the fook is that, a 5/8 pig 3/8 monkey.
  8. the terrier you were diggin to didint happen to be wheeler bred by any chance.
  9. lots of genuine reasons why someone might need to rehome or sell a dog.and dont see the problem with lads selling excess pups out of a litter they bred to take a pup or two for themselfs. its the c**ts that are wheeling and dealing in dogs purely for profit thats the problem. these dickheads shouldint be allowed near a dog never mind own one
  10. ha ha your right i wouldint put anything past them tarmacadem engineers.
  11. a bit of a pain in the bolloxs having to go tru all that red tape to get a dog from one country to the other, but on the upside it might put a stop to the scumbag dog thiefs robbing peoples dogs and shipping them from one country to the other. at least if your dog is robbed u might have a better chance getting it back if its in the same country
  12. jay im sick telling ya to keep out me f***ing garden.
  13. would have to agree that the terrier numbers were well down from last year. in saying that thought the terrier that won overall terrier was in the best condition ive ever seen a terrier.fair play to the chap that owns it. and would agree with blue 999 i thought that the whole lurcher terrier and whippet area was a big improvement on last year. so other than the terrier numbers being low . i think the show was a well ran event.
  14. great show . very well organised. had to leave just before the end. what dog won overall .
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