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  1. Excellent show last year ,looking forward to it.
  2. Just want to thank everyone for their hospitality today lovely people and a really well organised show.
  3. Excellent day ,who cares about a bit of rain well judged well ran great racing a big well done to everyone involved on the day ,highly recommend this show next year.
  4. excellent show today fair play to everyone involved and have to say lurcher judge done a real good job ,this show will be right on the top of my list for next year.
  5. must agree with fox lad dogs/bitches should be split whatever the breed this doesn't seem to happen with terriers?
  6. wasting your time not quick enough lol.
  7. dont loose heart just yet damodogs ,a few dog men are talking at the minute about a new race strictly for LURCHERS no saturated hound types ,purely working type lurchers.
  8. [quiste name=damodogs" post="3651273"ittimestamp="1400962781]Just a quick question, has a traditional type lurcher ever won the master McGrath? no is the answer to your question and it never will EVER.
  9. Disappointing to see terriers and hounds separated dogs/bitches and not lurchers , good show been there before and always a good good turn out of lurchers ,a crowd of us would normally travel with a good few lurchers but you cant put them all in the same class together (similar type dogs) ,long way to travel for one class plus truthfully you cant judge a dog against a bitch ,not kicking off at anyone but between travelling paying in racing and showing it can be an expensive day , and you'd like to think you'd be getting equal treatment to the other classes
  10. A propper winters day that would take your life but it didnt stop barry and his team running up and down the field trying hard to give us all a good day out with our dogs ,and that they did ,thanks again barry ,joe,and the rest of the crew a happy new year to you all looking forward to the year ahead ,ged.
  11. gedro8888


    agree with most of the above,if your flushing to lurchers speeds not that important, pure prey drive would be important i have small russells that are bullet proof every bit as good as the leggy type or most fells which i also have, if your not flushing to lurchers ,first cross beddy/whippet will flush and catch ,hunted with some real good ones atb.
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