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  1. the problem im having is the transporters are looking for the dog to be micro chipped passported and have a vet stamped cert for vacinations, hgn thanks for the number
  2. im trying to get a dog back from england, if any body is going over or there or coming back i will give hundred euro towards there expences any help would be great, thanks stevie
  3. it would be a good idea to freeze brand, that link was very informitve and quiet simple to do, minimun stress and pain to the dogs, so why would any one kick up about it saying its cruel,
  4. hi john i tried to mail you but your inbox is full

  5. ya sorry have been really tied up dis weather pm on ur number!

  6. simpson its good to hear that you had another good day,far play to you for helping out.your terriers will do you proud this season all the best lovely pictures, can not wait to read of your next outing
  7. well hepher how are you,tried to pm you but to no avail,can you pm me when you have a chance thanks

  8. hepher fine working type terriers you have got hope you get plenty of work for them,
  9. simpson mate you are having a good run,fare play to you nice pictures of the dig,hope ye enjoy alot more
  10. very nice bitch mate hope she works well for you this season
  11. jamdel sure you would know all about the bolts,how many got away on you last season dog sound for 5 mins then walk out followed by charlie :laugh: :laugh:
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