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    1. stoke bullx

      stoke bullx

      u r a prick this 07812717206 ring this number cuz we gonna smash ur head in u messsed [bANNED TEXT] the wrong people cant wait stamp on ur head ring us we r game as f**k u wanker

  2. all slip worthy apart from toads lol no rabbits or hares foxes etc
  3. lol to true if you push back you are though lol
  4. thought dan was homosexual? lol barkin up the wrong tree duck!
  5. fair size realy then mate what noise are you makin to call them what animal are you impersonating? what else are you likely to see on your nights out?
  6. lol at fenchopper that bothers me aswell lol tiff got a few questions for you dont take the piss too much,when lampin coons do you have to call them in or is it just drive or walk till you see a decent slip? an what sort of size are they on average? glad to here your bitch went back encouraging see what she does next time out its the best thing in the world watchin your own dog youve had from a pup i always compare dogs to boxing it takes a bit of getting used too someone beltin you in the face but some can an some cant atb
  7. is all! lol suppose you dont live in a sardine tin of a country like we do lol
  8. just thought id ask mate you must live on a big place to keep horses an all ya hounds aswell fair play to you!
  9. looks a nice place to be mate very jelous! are you a farmer?
  10. lol good way to put big gay! think these lads might know what dogs are best bein that its there land an there quarry i know yanks arent the brighttest but give them a chance lol
  11. whitney and lazer are bang on like them
  12. sound mate the younger the better hope pup does her proud let us know how you get on atb
  13. FOR ALL UNWANTED LURCHERS SEND THEM TO STEWIE pm me an il give you his address lol only jokin think it was a decent thing to do for the dog an he does look alot better for it just wish there was more lurcher owners like you and wouldnt worry about him workin if anybody can get him goin its you think ive sucked your arse enough now atb mate
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