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  1. Hi Walshie i cant pm you as i have no access to my pm's so i had to put up on here

    like i say i have no access to my pm's and i dont no why? do you know whats going on with my pms

    i have sent 2 Contact Messages to the mods/admin other the last few days but i haven't had reply

    so can find out whats going on and why i have no access to my pm's

    thank you


    1. nick703


      Could be something to do with me asking a certain seller to price match your srx , if it is sorry , 😬

    2. ukhunter


      whats its got to do with them what price i sell my SRX i was not breaking any rules

      and i still have no access to my pm's its a joke :censored::thumbdown: 


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