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  1. I got banned yesterday for telling the truth. I said that the greyhounds were shot once the too old to breed or not breeding enough and puppies that didn't sell were also shot. There lots of pet / agility owners on there and that fine but too many experts lol Catherine Elliot is a clown. She actually thinks that Hancock lurchers are a breed themselves and didn't like it when I said that they no different to any other collie cross. Now, I like Hancock and had a 3/4 cross that was great so I not just a stirrer but she didn't like the truth.
  2. Looking to breed my saluki cross next year or the year after. She wolfie x cn bitch. Be 5 next year. What studs are producing at the moment? Don't mind paying good money for right dog as I only be breeding her once so want to breed from best.
  3. Mine arrived on Sat Morning but I was out and missed Postman! Picking up tomorrow morning, looking forward to it
  4. I had a plummer bitch from Uist. Legion Jade about 8 or 9 years ago. She was a great little dog but a devil for fighting with anything. Are Plumbers still bad fighters?
  5. What is it called on Facebook? Would be interesting to take a look
  6. As long as you are supervising him then yes he can use one
  7. I have three whippets, all kc reg and they are great litter dogs. My best is Murphy, he is a race bred whippet from wrca evansent and is us really quick. Turns quicker than both my coursing bred whippets and is the best all round whippet I have. He is not quick enough to be a champion but when I did race him he was a great club dog. I thought whippets would be better than lurches on rabbits but to be honest my lurcher catches far more (coursing bred) rabbits when out lamping. The whippets are great fun and I think I will always have at least one in the house but if I had to pick one a
  8. I have three whippets. One is a race bred from one of the top KC studs at the time and the other two are coursing bred / working bred. My race bred dog is very fast, a very good club level dog but just not quick enough to win at the champs. I took him to the WRCA a few times and he is a yard or so away from competing with the top dogs. Working wise I would always go for a pure race bred now. He is quicker, can turn quicker and has just as much stamina as the working bred dogs. He is 27lbs and my others are 30 and 32lbs. Dont get me wrong the working bred are good on the rabbits and
  9. In Scotland we have the right to roam. I have been stopped lamping several times and most of the police have been really nice. They just genuinely don't understand the law and to be fair it is very hard to police. We can walk our dogs day or night through the fields and even if they know you have been lamping it is near impossible to proove unless you are caught red handed slipping your dog. It is not up to you to proove innocence it is upto the police to proove that you are breaking the law. Even if you get caught with a hare provided you are 100 % adament that it was an accident
  10. http://news.stv.tv/east-central/241186-wildlife-officers-crack-down-on-illegal-hare-coursing-in-lothians Not sure if this link will work but apparently the video was shown on STV news last night. As many as four calls every Sunday to the Police! Perhaps they need to focus on real crime!
  11. Hi, I bought a new shotgun today. picked it up and feels really god. It is a Spanish double trigger side by side. It says choke 17.5 18.5 on one barrel and 18 18.5 on the other. Any one know what that means in full / half etc terms?
  12. Bonnie looking pup. All the best with it.
  13. Anyone got a working hob available to line my Jill? I am based in Midlothian but can drop her off anywhere within reason. Happy to pay stud fee. Cheers
  14. The fact that the farmer killed the dogs in anger shows he is not in a proper state of mind and should in my opinion have his firearms certificate revoke immediately. You can't shoot a dog in anger. Reardless of what the dogs did or did not do they were killed by someone who had no right to do that. He was not protecting livestock, he lost control. What if he catches a couple of lads walking through his fields? What if he gets angry? Complete scum.
  15. I really hope this goes to court and he is given a substantial fine. I couldn't Imagine how angry I would be if I was the dog owner. I would make sure I got my own back that's for sure. There was a similar issue few months back. A boarding kennels manage to let two collies out and the local farmer shot them both and dumped them in a stream. It was on the Jeramy Vine talk show on radio 2. Aparantly the farmer didn't like the kennels. The law does not give the farmer the right to shoot your dog just for the sake it. He must only shoot as a sat resort and even then he is still open to pr
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