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  1. Hey up lads just got up for a Jimmy, doubt whether I will drop off again, I'm wide awake, plus I'm hungry, now then mushy, I'm a fine one to talk, as like yourself I'm concerned whether or not the cnut will come back, we wouldn't be human if we didn't have those thoughts, as for you Dytkos, I'm honestly pleased for you , that your tumour is shrinking , keep.your chins up lads, you will be ok ,there's one or two on here struggling with cancer, antg i.think his screen name is, and then there's jok, so to you all the best, charts , forgive me if I'm wrong , but haven't i read somewhere you have
  2. nicel body on them pal, not snipey little feckers, atb we em
  3. Hey up lads, I've just been reflecting back on my treatment since last may, several operations at different hospitals, amputation, MRI scan, pet scan,brain scan , the doctor who looked after me and saw me through all that, was doctor makarand tare , plastic surgeon check him.out , a real gentleman, with a great bedside manner, his last words to me, after telling me I'm.all.clear, was Keith, check yourself regularly for lumps , in your armpits, along your arms, abdomen, groin, headaches, ,,,,just thought id pass this messsage on to.you, its a terrible disease, so check yourselves out, and goo
  4. i shall be doing just that Daniel, it gets me out, and its like spring here in colchester, im just in my shirt sleeves, good to be alive
  5. pissing missen wi laughter here matey, think it best wait till supermarket gets em in
  6. Hey up, i went co op this morning do a bit of shopping, i wanted a nice chicken fer weekend, but all they had were drumsticks, now i remember a while back on my walks, i got talking to this farmer, not far from me, to cut a long story short, he told me if i ever i wanted a chicken, go to him, so on my way back from ahopping i called on him, get yourself round this afternoon and get yourself one he says, he will help me, i dunna need any help i says, oh yes you do he replied, free range the buggers can shift
  7. Don't you worry none Arry, I've messaged kevs good lady wife, there should be no secrets between man n wife .lol
  8. bloody norah richie. i remember them well
  9. look my good man. ive bin jabbed to the hilt we all colours of medical staff, ive had no option but to accept the jabs, thats why im still standing,
  10. yes im an oldun gnash. but its very rare i go have a nap in the afternooon
  11. 3 hrs maximum per night, i kid you not, im up all hrs,
  12. cant stand the man, but i wouldnt wish that on him, its a wicked disease , as he will soon find out,
  13. you will be fine my friend, im sure you are in good hands
  14. He's the one gnasher, a place in the sun
  15. Did a TV show house in the country, I used to watch him, nice bloke, well he's died with cancer ,only 50 years of age, RIP Johnny
  16. ive digested all sorts sin 1944, im still standing just about, ive just put away a home made curry i made yesterday, i left it to fester overnight, ive just shifted the lot, good lord above, my eyes are watering, my nose is running, im of fire im sure im about to combust
  17. Fcukin stroll on, lol, we're eating one another now, as much as I like my grub , come what may, no way am I getting stuck in to chartpolskis arse
  18. and ive just bought missen a new cooker, shall i send it back
  19. fer ffs fer crying out loud, iv e taped the 39 steps fer later on in the week, should i watch it tonight afore its to late
  20. Cheers pal, I have seen it advertised, I'm looking forward to it, I always tried my best watch him in the past
  21. a good way to start the new year eh lads, its been a horrible 9 months in and out of hospital, and then waiting for results, people ive met, along the way, some terrible cases, children riddled with cancer, chap across the bed from me, days to live, waiting rooms at the hospitals choc a bloc, chance of a trip to australia visit a friend ive kept in touch with since the 70s , hes invited me over whenever , but at the moment, im clapped out, cheers lads
  22. my comp is acting up, so i hope this gets through, this morning i received a letter from the lung cancer chest unit, after several operations, 2 amputations letter reads, i am pleased to inform you there is no evidence of cancer histology suggested it was reactive lymphoid hyperplasia, therefore we are discharging him, back to my doctors for regular check ups
  23. Hey up.Daniel, sorry to be reading this, all the best to your son, he's in good hands, carefull how you.go matey
  24. I.watch most of his stuff, nice that one kanny , cheers pal
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