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  1. So you've dumped poor old mum back in blighty while you fek off to Ireland eh shame on you someone else to wipe her backside how on earth you can sit on a dog forum knowing that just stop trying to be someone your not wilfy boy max had you sorted that's why you left the forum for a while lol lol as for me it's a lovely morning just doing breakfast then it's the seaside fer me ta ta fer now lol lol
  2. Wilfy haven't you got an aging mother needing a bed bath or summat
  3. With a little understanding
  4. Well he was Peter is is name the jobs he has voluntary done for me and all he wants is a brew he's in my living room at the moment fixing up curtain track then hanging my curtains one a mere neighbour now a good friend what more could I want I took a gamble and it's certainly paid off
  5. I had this funny dream Ken I was drowning in fekin chick peas I was gagging lol only joking matey you carry on
  6. When I moved in on the Monday there wasn't an indoor ariel for my TV not that I really do much TV I just switch the bugger on fer company anyhow I got talking to one of the neighbours he's only gone down to the shop and bought me one will he take the money will he buggery
  7. Just relying on free WiFi at the moment till I get sorted
  8. I've lifted that much stuff every bone in my body ache off still better than vegitating eh
  9. Was overwhelming rich a long journey plus I had a lot of lifting and carrying to do I've still not unpacked everything but I've only been here sin Monday so much to do carpets cookers to be sorted but I've done that now I love it here a big gamble payed off its a lovely flat I just have to make it a home now not just somewhere to get my head down good neighbours to very helpful
  10. Bloke just been about a living room carpet he was a huge bugger but with a sense of humour just my sort we had a good laugh the cheeky bugger asked what planet I'm on. Eh but I knocked £ 100 of my bill
  11. Just been to hardwire my elec cooker so it's a nice big fry up for me now
  12. I'm OK charts it's just I've got folks coming fit my cooker I've had nowt proper to eat sin I got here I need to sort me a living room carpet out plus a visit from Colchester welfare dept see if I need out apart from that I'm ok just bloody famished
  13. I dont think in all honesty this forum has any use for me anymore or should I say I have no ues for it any more after all my days in the field are over no dogs no ferrets so I've nowt constructive to say not whinging or a sympathy Joe far from it . OK. Lads I've got carpet fitters on order and a new elec cooker needs hardwiring in 1n and I haven't had breakfast yet
  14. And to be precise 218 miles I travelled and wish I could have done it sooner
  15. Bit strong is that matey I'm far from being a dirty old c**t I suggest u read the rules and regulations regarding sagging folks off I've been a member of this forum fer yonks never had a bad word fer anyone it's a shame you haven't got the brains to keep your remarks to yourself. Now then fireman you will be met with a warm welcome and respect mate
  16. Fireman anytime matey flat 2 just bring your own t bag
  17. Woke up at 2am go the loo upstairs I couldn't find the fcuking stairs wrong house
  18. Just sar outside on my patio nice n private not overlooked so I'm bare bollocked eating
  19. I honestly can't find the words to describe it all lads I can't as yet find out wrong with the place its spotless a credit to Colchester Council I'm sat in the garden at the moment it's baking here catch u later
  20. Hey up lads I'm absolutely over the moon here I'm near to tears with it all I've made a friend already Ken sorry mate I've been really busy thank you I'm just of to the chippy with my new friend I'm over the moon lads I can't believe my luck
  21. Another hour lads and that's me in my way
  22. topics gone from chillin out with a beer , to Ken doling out hand jobs
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